Are you successful in your career but unsatisfied in bed?

Do you struggle to relax and/or orgasm?

Is sex painful, dry or without much sensation?

Is your labido on the floor or you're masturbating to relieve stress?

When I was a high-paid corporate career woman, I had an amazing job - yet my sexual experiences were flat.

I couldn't relax during intimacy, orgasms were hard to reach and sex was often painful.

After I started to connect more deeply to my body, feel and release all my pent-up emotion and stop tolerating things that didn't feel right, everything changed!

My own transformational sexual journey lead me to re-train as a sexual body worker and empowerment coach. I now support, encourage and guide women to have more fulfilling, satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences!


Work with me to:

➤ Deepen your connection to your body

➤ Discover what turns you on and how to ask for it

➤ Release old emotion, energy, beliefs and conditioning stopping you having the sexual experiences you want

➤ Develop a nurturing and fun self-pleasure routine

➤ Learn about consent and boundaries

➤ Access more pleasure!

If sex has started to feel like a chore, rather than a journey into ecstatic pleasure...

Your orgasms are short and unsatisfying...

Or you suspect a greater sexual experience must be available...

Work with me!

Join my 6-month Sexual Awakening For Women coaching and bodywork programme - for successful women who are serious about change.

Start your journey to having more fulfilling, satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences.

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