Hello & welcome!

I'm Natalie Ford, founder of Empowered Healing.

I offer workshops, breathwork and one-to-one empowerment sessions for highly motivated individuals seeking greater fulfilment in work or life. I connect you to your inner wisdom and innate power, supporting you to release whatever may be holding you back. Clients come to me feeling frustrated and disconnected and leave feeling powerful, alive and enriched by life!

Blending tools from a variety of disciplines, I offer a unique and holistic approach that is both powerful and transformative. My work encompasses mind, bod​y and soul.

I believe it's our birthright to own our body, our pleasure, our right to say yes/no, to carve our own path and stand fully in our truth. I am passionate about you feeling depth, connection and at ease in your own skin!

I promote deeper connection to our body, increased self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief. I'll support you to release any fear, shame or guilt stopping you from creating the most amazing life you deserve 

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Empowered Healing​