Video Coaching

I specialise in:

➤ Building a Positive & Loving Relationship with Your Body

➤ Accessing & Releasing Your Emotions

➤ Conscious & Courageous Communication

➤ Self Awareness & Acceptance

(For All Genders)

Built upon my own personal journey, I bring 10 years of experience journeying into self love and acceptance, empowerment, embodiment, conscious relating, shadow work and healthy emotional expression.

I offer video coaching for people of all ages, genders, orientations and identities. It would be my absolute pleasure to support you.

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➤ Embodiment

  • Learn to meditate
  • Connect to and feel your body
  • Learn to find your inner truth
  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Feel your energy
  • Relax more, surrender & let go of tension
  • Improve your sleep

➤ Self Acceptance

  • Learn to accept yourself more and be kinder to yourself
  • Cultivate self love
  • Create more time for you
  • Gain greater understanding & compassion for yourself
  • Nurture your inner child
  • Become more confident as a result

➤ Emotional Health & Wellbeing

  • Connect to your emotions
  • Find healthy ways to express them
  • Be held in a safe and loving environment to feel and release your emotions
  • Learn which emotions you suppress or have rejected
  • Create a new, healthy relationship with emotions
  • Discover how emotions can empower you
  • Rediscover your creativity and life force energy by releasing your emotions

➤ Empowerment

  • Find the courage to go for what you want in life
  • Learn to say no when you mean it
  • Discover your boundaries & how to express them
  • Give yourself permission to be who you were born to be
  • Learn about the Wheel of Consent® by Dr Betty Martin

➤ Conscious Communication

  • Find the courage to have difficult conversations
  • Learn how to express yourself clearly and uphold your boundaries
  • Practise run throughs of difficult conversations
  • Learn how to structure a difficult conversation so it lands as well as possible
  • Differentiate what you are responsible for and what belongs to another

➤ Shadow Tracking & Self Awareness

  • Deeper self knowledge
  • Paying attention to our subconscious thoughts & behaviours
  • Change negative patterns and cycles
  • Discovering true intentions behind our behaviours
  • Learn what "shadow" is and how to harness the gold from it
  • Integrate your light and dark to become a fully empowered being
  • Bring about deep healing

Session Information

Sessions are conducted via Zoom Video Call and can be scheduled to your convenience.

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Evenings & Weekends

  • £75 per hour £50 per hour - special lock-down period discount!

Weekday Daytime (11am - 4pm)

  • £60 per hour £40 per hour - special lock-down period discount!

It's important to me that my work is accessible to people of all levels of income. If you are fully committed to bringing about change in your life and the only barrier to you doing this is finances, a handful of limited bursaries are available upon request.

Cancellation Policy


  • Cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time incurs a £30 fee


  • Cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time incurs a £30 fee

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