Tantric Yoni Massage

Yoni, pronounced "yo-nee", means "sacred temple" or "sacred space" and is the Sanskrit word for vagina and vulva.

Tantric Yoni Massage is an intimate ritual that honours this sacred temple as an important part of the body to be respected, loved and cherished. Tantric Yoni Massage is also sometimes called yoni mapping, yoni de-armouring or sacred spot ritual.

Why Should I Have A Yoni Massage?

★ Increased physical sensation, pleasure, sexual energy and lubrication

★ Improved physical health and potential healing of genital and pelvic health/medical issues

★ Explore your body in a slow, gentle, sensual way - without any need or pressure to “perform”

★ Experience of your boundaries being upheld and respected

★ Experience of receiving unconditional nurturing, honouring, loving touch

★ Release past traumas, including miscarriages, abortions, boundary violations and disconnected or painful sexual experiences - reconnect with your body and sensuality from a place of positivity

★ Painful or numb points can be gently de-armoured to restore balance so that pleasurable sensation can once again be experienced

★ Increased self-knowledge, understanding, compassion and confidence

★ Learn more about the anatomy of your yoni and strengthen neural pathways so you can identify through increased feeling when each part is being touched

★ Increased self-love, improved body image and body appreciation

What does it involve?

I offer a safe, nurturing and supportive space for you to relax, experience gentle, loving touch and to release pain or emotions related to or held within your yoni, which can have deeply healing effects. The methods and techniques used come from tantric wisdom and sexual shamanism and have supported many women in their personal, emotional and spiritual empowerment.

In this session you will be able to focus on healing wounds, letting go of blockages, transforming traumatic experiences and expanding your capacity feel sensation in your yoni and access pleasure. You may go into a deep trance and the massage may evoke memories from the past or emotions that have been buried. If such emotions arise, I will support you in feeling all emotions and releasing them from your body.

(Please note: I am new at supporting the release of severe trauma).

A woman rising up out from an old skin that is lying on the floor

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We will start the session by discussing your intention, boundaries and any fears you may have. You will be encouraged to stay connected to your body and to go at the pace that feels right for you. Your boundaries will be honoured at all times.

I will create a safe, supportive and ritualistic space. We start with a full body massage, in which you will be showered with love. If you feel open to receiving genital touch, when you feel ready, gentle massage will be applied to the pelvic area, inner thighs and outer parts of the yoni and - only if and when it feels right for you - also to the inside of the yoni.

Depending on your intention for the session, I can also use de-armouring of key points externally and internally to release held energy and emotion. I will support you to release any emotions, pain or trauma that rises during the session. After the session, you will have some time to connect with your body and your yoni and to integrate your experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Multiple Sessions?

★ A deeper connection to and more loving relationship with your body and yoni

★ Decreased hyper-sensitivity and increased access to sensation and pleasure

★ Knowledge of what types of touch you like

★ A fresh and more easeful approach to sex and intimacy

★ Increased awareness of how to create safety for yourself so you can relax and let your body open

★ Confidence asking for what you want and saying when something doesn't feel good for you

★ Ability to recognise and express your boundaries

★ Knowledge of the anatomy of your yoni

★ Overall increased vitality and energy levels

★ Energy balancing - particularly at the base and second (sacral) chakras, helping energy to flow more harmoniously through your body

Client Testimonials

"After the Tantric Yoni Massage, I felt connected and alive and PROUD. Proud to be a woman, to have my yoni and breasts, to have this shape of body. How magical and beautiful it is to be a woman. And all of us are so unique in their own way. I felt excited to go out there and shine through my femininity and be simply myself because I am perfect as I am." - Michaela

"Natalie provided a safe and loving space for me to relax into the yoni massage. She communicated what to expect clearly and guided me through beautifully. Thank you Natalie for our magical session. x"

"I loved that I could be 100% myself - no judgement. After the session, I felt empowered, excited & a lust for life"

"When you were massaging my womb area, it seemed to me so different than when we started (comparing to the 1st time) - it felt now like a healed space full of life and energy" - Multi-session client

Session Information

Tantric Yoni Massage sessions last 2 - 2.5 hours. I also allow upto 30 minutes after the session for you to rest and gently integrate your experience, without needing to rush into the outside world. Please allow 3 hours for your total experience.

Sessions take place in London, SW8 3JX.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time is charged in full; cancelled within 48 hrs incurs a £150 fee

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