Speak Your Truth!

Facilitated by Natalie Ford

Tune into your truth (what feels right for you) and develop the courage to honour that. Say 'no' when needed, have those difficult conversations people often avoid and learn to ask for what you really want!

This event is for people who want to:

* Communicate more clearly

* Be able to say 'no' without fear of offending

* Free up more time for yourself and stop putting others first

* Express your feelings more clearly

* Tell someone when they have upset you and why

* Be kinder to yourself

* Ask for what you want

* Learn about boundaries

* Meet like-minded people and learn new skills!

* This event is open to all ages, genders and backgrounds.

Find your truth and learn to speak it! Develop the courage to decline invitations when your calendar feels too full (without fear of offending) and learn to express honestly when someone has upset you. Practice having those difficult conversations and see areas where you say 'yes' when you mean 'no'. Stop dropping hints that so often don't work and learn instead to ask authentically for what you want!

This workshop has no planned dates right now - join my waiting list to get notified when next dates become available!


What We'll Do

  • We'll have an opening and closing circle, so please arrive on time and plan to stay for the whole workshop.
  • Discussion time and exercises in pairs and small groups
  • Practice saying 'no' in different ways
  • Practice having difficult conversations
  • Recognise when we're doing something just to please another

  • Consider desires and what we really want in life
  • Look at where we hold ourselves back
  • Allow ourselves to really be seen
  • Practice asking directly for things you want rather than dropping hints
  • Observe every day activities and notice whether we listen to what feels true for us

Feedback From Previous Participants

"Very satisfied; amazing facilitators and group of people. Can use this in all relationships and at work"

"Practical exercises drawing on real feelings and situations. Safe space to voice thoughts and emotions that you are shy about or feel are silly"

"Amazing atmosphere, very authentic and supportive, easy to open up. Great transformative experience. Both facilitators are really sensitive and good at creating a safe space"

"A thoughtful, caring, amazing, honest, brave, well structured, organised, fully intentioned space to develop further"

"Amazing, supportive, inspiring trust" 

About The Facilitator

Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment Facilitator and founder of Empowered Healing. I offer workshops and one-to-one guidance to connect you to your inner wisdom and innate power, using an integrated blend of tools to align body, mind and soul. I promote deeper connection to our bodies, increased self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief and am known for creating safe, supportive and shame-free spaces for your to explore living more fully.


Photos from some of my workshops

Workshop participants in lines facing each other

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