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Shamanic Breathwork Sessions

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful way to access suppressed emotions and energy held in the body, that are ready to be felt, expressed and released.

Through use of a continuous breath cycle, chakra-attuned music and a shamanic container,  you can connect to your subconscious, where unexpressed emotion and incomplete energy cycles reside, and whatever is ready to be healed will rise for you to release through breath, sound and movement.  At all times, you are in control of how deep you go and you can 'come back' by returning to your breath usual.

What are the benefits of connecting with my subconscious?

Our subconscious runs our world. Not only is it responsible for keeping our body functioning, it also constantly monitors our environment to keep us safe and causes us to react if danger is perceived. All our memories, beliefs and behavioural programming lives there, as do our emotions most of the time too. All these subconscious patterns and feelings run our life.

Shamanic Breathwork connects us to this realm so we can take a peek through the window of the pilot's cabin to see who or what is in control. Through this process, we access our inner healer who automatically knows what to do to return us to full health. This might be releasing suppressed emotions, letting our body move to release held energy, connecting with lost or fragmented parts of ourselves, completing partial actions or conversations, accessing other realms, clearing out toxins, releasing beliefs and patterns that we no longer need and much more. Ultimately it's a huge body, mind and soul reconnection, revitalisation and repair process.

What is Shamanic Breathwork?

A potent healing process that inspires you to awaken your inner shaman, by reconnecting with your internal healer.  As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed through breath, you can begin to regain lost parts of yourself and remember the magic of who you truly are.  This empowerment has the ability to bring wholeness and healing back into your life, to the lives of those you love, and to the world at large.

This Shamanic Breathwork process is highly experiential and the wisdom and healing gained comes from your own inner experience during the breathwork journey.  Shamanic Breathwork honours and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the emerging new paradigm methods of healing and teaching.  It functions as the rainbow bridge between these two worlds honouring the best of both, while creating a bridge for body, mind, heart and spirit to reunite.

Shamanic Breathwork® registered trademark symbol

Shamanic Breathwork® is a registered trademark of Linda Star Wolf, with whom I trained to become a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator.

What my Shamanic Breathwork clients say...

What are the potential health Benefits of breathwork?

  • Re-oxygenating your body
  • Massaging your organs through increased diaphragm movement
  • Stimulates blood flow to all parts of the body
  • Improves digestion
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Activates parasympathetic nervous system
  • Can help manage pain
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Supports positive mental health
  • May help with depression
  • Releases past trauma
  • Balances nervous system
  • Aides relaxation and restful sleep
  • Improves clarity and focus
  • Releases us from the past
  • Helps us feel more connected to ourselves and each other
  • Connects us to our higher selves, wise elder and inner healer

Sessions are based upon breath, sound and movement and may also include emotional expression and release, energy work, pressure point release, somatic body work and rebirthing techniques. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All sessions are intuitively guided to meet your unique circumstances.

I will create a space in which you can feel emotionally and energetically held, safe and able to relax. All emotions and feelings are welcome throughout the session. All sessions and discussions relating to our sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.

Small Group Shamanic Breathworks

For Shamanic Breathwork, I offer both private sessions and group sessions of upto 4 people on weekday evenings. Arrival time is 6:45pm for a 7pm start and we finish by 9:15pm.

Sessions take place in London, SW8 3JX.

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Private Shamanic Breathwork - Session Information

Private Shamanic Breathwork sessions last 2 - 2.5 hours and the breathwork journey is slightly longer than in the group sessions. The time includes a period of integration time after the session for you to rest and gently bring yourself back, without needing to rush into the outside world.

We will presence any intention you may have and discuss your boundaries and any fears to ensure they are fully honoured.

Sessions take place in London, SW8 3JX.

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Private Shamanic Breathwork - Investment

Weekend (Saturday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm):

  • £200 per session

Weekday (Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 5pm):

  • £150 per session

It's important to me that my work is accessible to people of all levels of income. If you are fully committed to bringing about change in your life and the only barrier to you doing this is finances, a handful of limited bursaries are available upon request.

Cancellation Policy


  • Cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time is charged in full; cancelled within 72 hrs incurs an £150 fee


  • Cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time is charged in full; cancelled within 48 hrs incurs a £120 fee

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