Sexual Awakening

For Women

A guided, one-to-one, 6-month journey for successful women seeking more satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences.

If you are deeply committed to personal transformation, read on...

➤ Are your orgasms short and unsatisfying or non-existent?

➤ Is sex painful or without much sensation?

➤ Do you struggle to relax during intimacy?

➤ Do you long for a pressure-free environment to explore your true sexual nature?

➤ Have your partners spent hours trying to give you an orgasm, only for both of you to end up feeling frustrated?

➤ Has sex started to feel like a chore or obligation, rather than a journey into ecstatic pleasure?

➤ Is it time to discover all of who you really are?

Being a sexual woman in today's society can be tough. We place so many demands on ourselves to be so many things and fulfil so many roles. Making time for ourselves and our sex lives isn't always top of our priorities.

Yet feeling sexually dissatisfied - or maybe even judging ourselves to be sexually dysfunctional - can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and emotional and mental health.

This can affect how we feel about ourselves, how loved we feel, how worthy we feel and our insecurities can start to run riot. All of this adds up to more pressure we place on ourselves to have that amazing orgasm and meet our partner's desires.

None of this leads to better sexual fact, the critic in our head can often create a vicious cycle that leads to us feeling more nervous, our bodies being more frozen and orgasms being even harder to reach.

I know, because I've been there!

When I first started having sex - like many of us - I had no idea what I was doing! I wanted to connect to my partner and to feel loved by him - but I didn't know how my body worked, what it needed or how to tell if it was ready for sex.

I knew that sometimes my vagina was more lubricated than others and that sometimes sex was more enjoyable than other times, but - a lot of the time - sex, for me, felt dry and uncomfortable - and occasionally really painful.

I didn't want to ruin my partner's enjoyment or worry him, so I didn't say anything. And, as sex got more and more uncomfortable, I disconnected from my body more and more to cope with it. By 'disconnected' I mean, I would think of other things - I used to plan what I needed to buy in the supermarket!

"I used to long for my partner to orgasm, so the sex would be over"

Over time, my orgasms became more and more stunted - like a sudden, powerful eruption that was over in a nanosecond. And often - rather than being enjoyable - they were slightly painful and I couldn't have anything touch my genitals afterwards because it felt too intense.

"I thought it was normal for my clit to be painful after orgasm - it turns out, it isn't!"

When a clitoris is painful after orgasm, that's called 'hyper-sensitivity' and it means the nerve endings have become over-sensitive and energy has got trapped in the body as 'armour', which holds little bits of trauma and stops energy being able to move freely through the body. Yet, so many of us suffer with this painful post-orgasm clitoris never knowing something can be done to release this armour and bring the clit back into regular sensitivity and pleasure again!

I had also never experienced an internal orgasm. My g-spot was something I'd heard of but knew nothing about and certainly had no idea it was possible to orgasm from it. I also later learned orgasms are possible from the a-spot, cervix, vaginal entrance, urethra, anus and several other places too!

For me, reaching orgasm was hard. I had to really concentrate and will it to happen! And it was so easy for my partner to get the touch slightly wrong and suddenly all the build up was gone. It was deeply frustrating, embarrassing and left me feeling ashamed of my body.

All that changed when I did 3 main things :-

1) I began feeling my feelings and allowing myself to release past emotion;

2) I started to connect to my body. I learned what it meant to "be in my body" and how to tell when I was "in my head".

3) Learned that tolerating meant I was out of consent with myself.

The answer is to slow down... drop deeper into our bodies and gift ourselves a pressure-free, emotionally-safe space to explore our bodies.


As women, we are each unique... There is no one-size fits all. When it comes to our sexuality and sexual make-up, we each have different needs and preferences based upon our own unique journey through life.

Every past experience has shaped us.

Occasions when we have been entered when our body wasn't relaxed, wasn't lubricated enough, wasn't aroused enough or simply wasn't ready...these leave energetic residue known as armour or trauma and build up to stop energy flowing freely and pleasure being accessible. Some spots become numb and without much feeling and some become over-sensitive and painful to touch. This armour limits our ability to feel pleasure and to orgasm because energy can't flow freely.

Stored emotions from our upbringing and our past play a role too. Emotions are energy and any emotional baggage we are carrying from the past are old stuck energies in our body, which can stop our life force flowing abundantly through us. They create blocks in us and limit our ability to feel comfortable around others or around sexuality. We may feel awkward, clumsy, fearful and not know how to ask for what we want or say no when something doesn't feel right.

Then there's our erotic blueprint and core erotic themes that differ us too!

Are you someone who is aroused by anticipation and longing? Or a sensual atmosphere, gentle touch and a slow, intentional love making? Or maybe you just like it raw animal-style? Sex for fun! Sex for release. And not forgetting our kinks...that which is considered taboo by society..and that we could be considered "naughty" for enjoying... Maybe all four are your turn on? Or maybe you have a strong preference for one more than another...

All of these factors - plus more - make us and our bodily experience UNIQUE.

In this 6 month journey, we uncover your unique sexual needs and expression.


Yoni - A Sacred Name For Our Genitals

The word Yoni (pronounced 'yo-nee') is the Sanskrit word for vagina and vulva. Literally translated it means "Sacred Temple" or "Sacred Space".

I like that the origins of this word convey reverence and honouring to this sacred, life-birthing, pleasure-giving, magical part of our body!  And, for this reason, I tend most often to use the word Yoni when referring to female genitalia - including in the programme description below.

However, you are free to choose any word you like - all variations welcome!

This Programme Will Offer You...

★ A deeper connection to and more loving relationship with your body and yoni

★ Decreased hyper-sensitivity and increased access to sensation and pleasure

★ Knowledge of what types of touch you like

★ Peel back layers of conditioning to uncover who you are, as a sexual woman

★ A fresh and more easeful approach to sex and intimacy

★ Increased awareness of how to create safety for yourself so you can relax and let your body open

★ Confidence asking for what you want and saying when something doesn't feel good for you

★ Ability to recognise and express your boundaries - find your 'no'

★ Tools to access and release emotion in a healthy way

★ Free up your creative energies and access more flow in your life

★ Increased self-awareness and self-knowledge - discover the real you!

★ A more nurturing self-pleasure regime

★ Tools to continue your own healing journey at home and beyond this programme

★ Understanding of consent and how to recognise when you are out of consent with yourself or another

★ Familiarity of what 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' feel like in your body

★ Knowledge of the anatomy of your yoni

★ Awareness of how trauma affects your body

★ Experience of your boundaries being upheld and respected

★ Experience of receiving unconditional nurturing, honouring, loving touch

★ Freedom to express all of who you are in a safe, loving environment

You may notice that I'm not promising you orgasms - and, that's correct, I'm not. I promise I will teach you how to connect with your body, how to relax and create the right environment for your body to open, how to ask for what you want and need, how to experience and stay with pleasure in your body, and I will support you to navigate anything that is getting in the way of you accessing this. And it's very possible that will lead to orgasms!

But, if I were to promise you orgasms, I would create exactly one of the cycles necessary to break in order to have that orgasm! Putting your body under pressure to perform. And this is absolutely key.

Any programme that promises you orgasms will put pressure on your nervous system to make something happen - and that is exactly what STOPS orgasms from happening. Or  - if orgasms are forced - in doing so, more armour and trauma can be created, damaging your body.

This programme works WITH your body - in harmony with your body - listening to your body and honouring your deepest needs and fears.

Orgasms come when we are fully relaxed and feel safe.

When there is no pressure to be a certain way.

When we have permission for ALL OF US to be seen, welcome and accepted - and that is what I offer you in this programme.



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