9 Top Self Love Video Tips​

What is "Self Love"...?

Explore the answer in these 9 top self love tips from Empowered Healing's founder, Natalie Ford 💖

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Self Love Tip #1

Embracing imperfections, accepting yourself and celebrating your uniqueness.

Self Love Tip #2

Saying no to others is often a yes to yourself.

Self Love Tip #3

Healthy boundaries are an important step towards self love.

Self Love Tip #4

Communing or connecting with yourself (aka "me time"). This can be journaling, art work, making music, time in nature...

Self Love Tip #5

Stillness: Quietening the mind to get to know who we really are.

Self Love Tip #6

Self Love Tip #7

Self Love Tip #8

Self Love Tip #9

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