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There are lots of misnomers about what Yoni Massage is / isn't & who it's for. Let me correct a few of those!

❌ Yoni Massage & Erotic Massage are the same

Incorrect! Yoni Massage has the intention of healing; Erotic Massage has the intention of arousing.

❌ Yoni Massages are just about pleasure & oragsms

Incorrect! Although yoni massage CAN be very pleasurable, we often also find areas of pain & numbness that need attention & the process can bring up quite a lot of emotion too.

❌ You need to be in a relationship to experience Yoni Massage

Incorrect! Yoni Massage is actually better done by a professional who knows how to properly support you to release any emotion or trauma that may come up.

❌ Yoni Massage is a great warm up for sex

Incorrect! After a yoni massage, you may feel tender & vulnerable & want some alone time to rest & integrate your experience.

❌ Yoni Massages are only for yoga-obsessed, kale-eating hippies

Incorrect! 😆🤣 We all store energy in our genitals - the genitals are a sponge for emotion & trauma. Everyone can benefit from genital de-armouring.

❌ Each Yoni Massage session is the same

Incorrect! Every experience is very different. You will feel different emotions & your yoni will feel different too.

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Masturbation vs Self Pleasure

Do you masturbate to get a quick high, release stress/anger or to feel better? Or do you touch yourself in deep appreciation of your body, exploring your skin, different types of touch, making love to yourself in new ways?

Thanks to the work of Joseph Kramer (@KramerErospirit), taught to me by @elaine_young_tantricshaman here is my guide to turn Masturbation into Self Pleasure 💖✨

1) Set 20-30 mins aside

2) Stand & take 10 deep, slow breaths

3) Gently stretch & touch all over your body

4) Stay connected to your body, feel the sensations, let your mind rest - it's ok if emotions arise

5) Place a hand on your heart & one on your Yoni & breathe into these areas

6) Playfully dribble oil (coconut or almond) over your breasts & tummy & massage it into your body

7) Take the oil to your Yoni with your less dominant hand & explore gently

8) Tease yourself to a 5-6/10 arousal then come back to breasts, face, legs, feet & arms

9) Play with faster/slower breaths

10) Pleasure all of your Yoni - lips, mound, entrance, clit, canal, gspot, cervix

11) Let go of any goal & just enjoy the feeling

12) At the end of your allotted time, gently bring to a close. Take this energy into your day 🎉

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Knowing your erotic personality is key to understanding & articulating your sexual needs & desires. Which are you?


Aroused by space, anticipation & tease. V sensitive & need time to assimilate to touch; too much too fast turns you off. Enjoy a lot of foreplay & experimenting with toys, oils & other props


Aroused by sensation: touch, sound, taste, smell & visual. Biggest turn off is worry & stress. Need to relax to open to sexual connection & turn-on. Environment, lighting, music & smells are key


Aroused by the simple act of intercourse. Sex is fun & relaxing. Ready to get down to business whenever there’s time or a willing partner. Can get stuck in limited view of sexuality & be goal-oriented


Aroused by the taboo. May have deep shame about desires & need supportive partner to deeply listen to your needs so you can open & feel confident


Aroused by all the above. Endlessly creative & need a partner equally adventurous. You can shift to be what others want instead of owning your own sexuality, needs & desires. Need time to reconnect with yourself to be more authentic & voice your preferences

In my Sexual Awakening For Women programme, you can get to know and body your erotic personality. Click the button below for details.

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Tolerating & Consent

To tolerate; to endure; to put up with; to suffer; to bear.

Did you know, when we tolerate something we don't like, we are actually OUT OF CONSENT with ourselves?!

For years, I tolerated intimate touch that didn't feel right for me because I didn't know how to ask for what wanted. In fact, I didn't really know what I wanted & I didn't feel I could keep asking for adjustments.

So I tolerated - desperately hoping it would eventually feel right. I didn't realise how incredibly damaging that was for my body & self esteem! 🤯

Every time I did that, I made ME less important & suppressed a part of who I was. Eventually, there wasn't much of ME left 😢 I also created trauma in my body, which made it harder to orgasm.

The day I realised that tolerating was breaking consent with myself, was the day everything changed! 🎉 I suddenly saw how much I was damaging myself.

Then, I had to:

1) Discover what I DID like

2) Learn how to ASK for that

3) Feel I was WORTHY of asking for it

This was quite a journey!

Now I support other women to have this journey too 💖

If you are ready to get to know who you are, what turns you on, how to ask for it & to clear any trauma in your body, click the button to see if my Sexual Awakening For Women programme is right for you.

Sexual Awakening For Women Programme

How To Have Better Orgasms?

So often our orgasms are limited because we aren't fully relaxed. We may be focused on reaching the orgasm, to get that 'peak'. We may tense our body, hold our breath or suppress all our natural sounds & the end result is a short, unsatisfying, difficult-to-reach climax. So, how can we have better orgasms?

The key is to understand energy... Sexual energy - like all energy - moves easiest using BREATH, SOUND & MOVEMENT.

Many of us have learned to masturbate quickly & quietly, so as not to get caught. This does horrible things to our body!

Better orgasms come when you can...

- fully relax

- let go of the 'goal' of orgasming & get curious about the journey

- use breath to circulate energy in your body

- use movement...let your body arch, writhe & shake as energy moves through you

- use SOUND! Moan, groan, let your pleasure noises out!

- and then surrender, staying focused on slow, gentle breaths

Using these techniques, orgasms will come slowly with a gradual increase to the peak. Keep breathing THROUGH the orgasm, to let the energy move more in your body & last longer. You'll also lose less energy this way & be able to keep going longer!

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Sensitive Clitoris Post-Orgasm

If your clit quickly becomes so sensitive after orgasm that you can't carry on experiencing pleasure, you may be suffering from hyper-sensitivity.

Hyper-sensitivity can be due to a number of things. Often, energy isn't circulating all that well through your body & you may struggle to relax. Orgasm may be something you have to concentrate on to reach. You may have a history of trying to climax quickly & quietly, using a vibrator a lot or having a lot sex when your body wasn't ready. All of these things can create 'armour' in & around your yoni.

Armour is trapped energy that your body has hardened around. Blood flow gets reduced, nerves affected, sexual energy restricted & your body functions less well.

Thankfully armour is reversible 🎉

I support people to reverse armour by working both with the underlying emotional causes that stop you relaxing & working directly with your body using a hands-on technique called de-armouring to gently release the armour & bring the nerves back into homeostasis.

My free More Pleasure Guide tells you how to do some of these things yourself, including how to de-armour your own yoni to reduce hyper-sensitivity, bring back more pleasure & experience better orgasms. Click the button at the bottom of the page to check it out!

How To Feel More Pleasure?

Learning to relax is key, but also we can practice re-awakening nerves that may have shut down & teaching our brain to notice more pleasure.

These things combined can really open up new levels of pleasure in our body, genitals & life as a whole!

Try this simple, quick & PLEASURABLE technique from Dr Betty Martin ( to start this process.

Practise for 3 minutes, 2-3 times a day & within 2 weeks you will start to feel different! Personally, I love doing this! 😍

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How To Awaken My Sexual Energy?

Here is a super easy & quick technique to awaken your sexual energy. Do it for 3 minutes each morning for around 6-12 weeks to see noticeable results!

Be fully present when you do it - no multitasking. Set a timer for 3 minutes & focus 100% on how your body feels as you do this.

Enjoy the energy & take it in to your day! Or allow this to be a warm-up for your self pleasure routine (see my previous post).

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