Private Sessions

My private sessions focus on release of emotion; self-acceptance and compassion; self-knowledge and empowerment; honest communication; and sexual freedom.

I utilise skills from coaching, self-enquiry, emotional release techniques, breathwork, shamanic dialoguing, somatic body work, sexual body work, spirituality, tantra and shamanism. I aim to integrate the mind, body and soul and am passionate about empowering my clients to live the most amazing life possible.

My client work often involves reconnecting you to your body, emotions and soul / higher self. I love to support clients to live life from a place of self-awareness, self-belief and emotional freedom - with the courage to be fully you!

All sessions are bespoke to your individual needs. Contact me if you're unsure which type of session is right for you.

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Life Empowerment

(In-person Coaching)

For highly motivated individuals seeking greater fulfilment in one or more areas of life.  Sessions are highly tailored to your specific needs and are intended to help you discover your truth, courage, passion and a deeper connection to your self, creating within a sustainable shift to empowerment, aliveness and feeling enriched by life!

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Video Coaching

Would you like to gain confidence, feel more empowered, connect to your body and sexuality, know yourself better, accept yourself more and/or create conscious conversations with courage and ease?

I offer video coaching for people of all ages, genders, orientations and identities. It would be my absolute pleasure to support you!

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Loving, Present Touch

The education we should have had at school about how to give and receive loving touch.

A series of sessions (clothes-on) to learn how to give and receive touch with love, presence and ease, be connected to your body, create deeper intimacy, articulate your desires, stay in consent, and honour and express your boundaries. 

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Tantric Yoni Massage

Yoni is the sanskrit word for female genitalia.

These sessions are designed for you to focus on letting go of blockages, transforming traumatic experiences, healing wounds and expanding your capacity feel sensation and pleasure in your yoni.

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What my clients say...

"The sessions with Natalie are hugely beneficial and empowering! She creates safe loving space for deep emotional release and new insights. Highly recommended!"

"I loved how Natalie was able to move so much energy in me. She helped me navigate some very difficult times and each session I felt better and better, more in tune with myself. I am very thankful to have found Natalie and the positive impact her sessions have had in my life."

"I felt so much lighter and a sense of calm contentedness takes the place of tension and worry."

"My sessions so far have been incredibly deep and meaningful. I've ventured into parts of myself I have turned away from, and I know this is just the beginning so I'm really looking forward to exploring these more openly and authentically to see what else comes to the surface."

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