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Here is some of my favourite feedback from workshops I've hosted:

Speak Your Truth

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Valerie Kattenfeld, 28 July 2018

"Very satisfied; amazing facilitators and group of people. Can use this in all relationships and at work"

"Natalie is confident, fun and encouraging"

"With Natalie, you feel in very safe hands and that allows participants to step forward and feel held"

"This workshop was exactly as described in the advert. No wild over-promising or long list of things not covered"

"Amazing atmosphere, very authentic and supportive, easy to open up. Great transformative experience. Both facilitators are really sensitive and good at creating a safe space"

"Natalie & Valerie are two authentic, loving women who are changing the world"

"I'm taking away the courage to ask for what I really want and awareness of areas where I struggle with boundaries"

"A thoughtful, caring, amazing, honest, brave, well structured, organised, fully intentioned space to develop further"

"Practical exercises drawing on real feelings and situations. Safe space to voice thoughts and emotions that you are shy about or feel are silly"

"Natalie & Valerie are both very gracious, knowledgeable individuals"

"Amazing, supportive, inspiring trust"

Art of Conscious Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 12 September 2018

"Give this a go, it's welcoming, safe, fun pleasurable and really informative. There are lots of ways to bring the practices into everyday life"

"Great workshop if you want to understand boundaries and touch"

"Touch has become a whole new experience"

"Made it easier to identify what I am doing and would like to do, definitely recommended"

Learn How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 29 September 2018

"Friendly, welcoming & deep workshop. It changes you. It brings you close to yourself"

"Great event to start working on self love"

"Natalie is very warm and open, made me feel comfortable to share"

"I'm taking away knowing my true self"

"I love the fact this pushed me out my comfort zone, which helped with my growth. Learning that decisions I've made were for the best and that I've come a long way. Not feeling judged"

"I learned to put into words how I feel"

"Really helpful. Easy to engage with"

"I'm taking away self compassion for the challenges in my early life and that it's ok to feel pain"

"Great way to open up"

"My take away is that it's ok to just be me"

"I recommend this workshop if you want to learn to acknowledge your feelings"

"I learned to say No if something makes me uncomfortable"

Consent & Mindful Touch / Art of Conscious Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 7 November 2018

"The workshop was an ideal combination of theory & practice. It really brought the Wheel Of Consent to life and helped me to experience the quadrants I'm less familiar with"

"Enjoyable, entertaining and insightful"

"I got more confidence about asking for what I want and what the other person likes or doesn't like"

"Both facilitators have beautiful and electric energy when they laugh and demo with each other. The humour is infectious"

"Good balance of content, discussion and practical exercises. The discussions were very illuminating and questions well fielded. I learned that it's sexy to ask! [for what I want]"

"It was a real coming back to myself, asking for what I wanted and getting those needs met"

"Natalie has a lovely warmth and authenticity and Sanjay was very knowledgeable and warm also"

"Everybody should know these concepts as they are applicable in so many situations, not only in the bedroom. It's a door to increased self awareness and pleasure"

"It was a very enjoyable and informative/empowering workshop"

"I learned to check in with myself about my intentions when touching someone"

"I most enjoyed the theory and embodied exercises"

"It was very useful, with clear explanations about the Wheel Of Consent, and lots of fun too" 

Learn How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 5 January 2019

"I learned I am not alone"

"This workshop provides a safe environment with like-minded people to explore what makes us tick. The exercises helped me understand my reactions to various situations and examine why I do that. Natalie made me feel comfortable at all times and has a relaxed and gentle style which is sensitive to participants' needs"

"Take time to appreciate yourself and do this workshop!"

"I feel empowered to move forward with my life"

"Natalie is brilliant. She has great integrity and ethics and knows how to lovingly hold a group through their individual journeys"

"Great mix of partner, group and solo work"

"Take a day out to get to know yourself and learn true love"

"I loved the beautiful, safe, flow of the different exercises. You can go as deep as you wish; exercises are interesting and some are playful, without ever being too heavy"

"My takeaway is to treat myself as I would treat someone I loved"

"I felt encouraged to really see myself with my struggles and achievements and give myself compassion as I would a friend"

"I learned we are not alone in our difficulties"

"Natalie held the space impeccably and I felt safe"

"I loved the journey we went on, it felt very flowful, diverse and appropriately deep"

"My takeaway was the reminder I can reparent my inner child, take care of her and that she is safe"

"Natalie is a very warm. She explains things well and has a great intuition to adapt to the mood of the group"

"Easily accessible and clearly explained exercises. I found the space enabled me to go to a deep place within myself. Places that felt scary to me were encouraged and held gently."

"No [to another] is a 'yes' to myself"

"It was powerful to share insecurities with others without judgement"

"I learned it is OK to love myself and know that I am whole just on my own"

"Natalie has amazing, positive energy"

"I have a better understanding of myself and my emotions"

"I'm taking away the importance of giving time to myself"

"I realised I need to love myself first before I can connect with others"

"I'm taking away recognition of my needs... I need a BFF and can be my own BFF!"

Introduction To Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 16 January 2019

"Consent is a hot topic in the #metoo movement and is not really understood [in society]. This is an essential workshop for anyone wanting to engage physically with another person, especially sexually" - Emma, Pscychosexual Somatic Therapist

"You have to experience this! A completely new world has opened up for me"

"A great, fun and practical introduction to the Wheel of Consent"

"I enjoyed beginning a journey to learn how to say no and what my boundaries are"

"Give it a go - you'll learn loads about yourself!" - Sara, Researcher

"I loved the relaxed, down to earth vibe of this workshop"

"Natalie & Sanjay were both fully engaged and attentive, inviting of interaction. Very heartening to see the level of support given"

"This was the beginning of a journey towards a more connected self"

"Fantastic, safe introduction to the charged territory of consent. Comprehensive and fun"

"Friendly, safe place, new energetic experiences. I actually started to feel energy more" - Matthew, Call Centre

"Natalie is calm, open and caring and Sanjay felt honest, accurate and experienced"

"I enjoyed that there was lots of experiential practise"

"Everyone should know about the Wheel of Consent as it is an honest way to engage in a dialogue" - Mireille, Teacher

"I loved that there were lots of opportunities to ask questions and practise/experience the concepts" - Sara, Researcher

"Natalie was brilliant. She was thoughtful and felt safe. Sanjay was clear and calm"

"You're in safe hands"

"Clearly explained - I loved the theory part and the visual representation, which made it easy to understand. The exercises brought lots of awareness about myself"

"Natalie is warm and empathetic"

"Sanjay has a strong presence, is very clear and is clearly educated and experienced"

Speak Your Truth

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 2 February 2019

"I loved the role play - being able to have an open conversation and put my feelings first"

"My take away is saying no without guilt and to listen fully with presence, compassion and understanding"

"I'm taking away that it is totally okay to speak openly from the heart"

"I would recommend this workshop for feeling comfortable and supported to explore your own feelings and ways of communicating in a warm environment"

"Natalie is very warm and non-judgemental, which makes [opening up] a lot easier"

"I learned that saying no is saying yes to myself and taking care of me"

"My biggest take away is to ask for things directly as opposed to giving hints"

"The group of people and environment created was so supportive, I was able to connect with myself and feelings I often block out"

"I feel more comfortable saying no"

"You are in a safe and comfortable environment to open up and express how you truly feel"

"I love that I got to practice saying no. I could put my situation and the teachings into a relatable context"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day"

"I would recommend this event and Natalie's services to friends who are interested in self discovery and expansion"

"Natalie is a passionate, aligned, genuine caring facilitator"

"I loved the role play, saying a firm no and expressing my desires clearly"

"Speaking your truth does require vulnerability but sometimes its the most self-loving action to take"

"I recommend this workshop to gain awareness of yourself and to gain confidence to have a challenging conversation with people you care about"

The Art of Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 23 February 2019

"Do it! A truly beautiful space to open safely and with love" - Stephanie, Sex, love & relationship coach

"Great workshop, great facilitators, lovely group of people and lots of great connections" - Lee, IT Digitization

"This is a very safe, nurturing and respectful space for you to discover what a consent culture means"

"My partner and I haven't been so close [as that before] and that felt amazing"

"Go for it - you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!" - Jim, Director

"If you are even slightly curious about embodied communication, try it!"

"Feel safe and open up" - Enrique, consultant

"A wonderful workshop to learn about yourself, how to have healthy and meaningful interactions with others and to heal from toxic ways of relating"

"The exercises felt playful and fun"

"I enjoyed meeting and connecting with lovely people"

"I loved the progression and exploration that was created"

"Sanjay and Natalie hosted with awareness and presence and knew their stuff on this work"

"I appreciate how safe the workshop felt. I felt well led and in good hands."

"I liked Sanjay's relaxed and fun style"

"Natalie has a friendly, open and welcoming style. A good balance between professional and relaxed"

"This workshop will open up new worlds/possibilities of touch. It is also a great opportunity to explore your boundaries and desires in a very safe and fun space"

"I really enjoyed the kindness and safety which the facilitators were able to model and which the group responded to warmly - we all did our utmost to respect each others vulnerability and boundaries"

"Body and touch was mentioned is a respectful and shame-free way"

"Really great workshop. It opens your eyes to your own behaviours and patterns"

"I loved the hugging - I need more loving touch"

"Sanjay was respectful, mindful, caring, clear and authentic"

"Natalie was very embodied, clear, sincere, caring and authentic"

Introduction To Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 9 April 2019

"Really valuable time spent re-centering and consciously focusing on clear connection and communication with others"

"My favourite exercise was the slapping - it created space to explore something I otherwise probably wouldn't have tried"

"Even if you are nervous or think it isn't for you, give it a go - all very welcoming and you might surprise yourself!"

"I left feeling calmer and more positive"

"A clarifying workshop on the different forces involved in relationship consents, not only in touch but also actions"

Stress Buster - London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release class

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 16 April 2019

"This is the only place I’ve experienced such a level of emotional honesty and physical release in such a highly skilled and lead group. Everyone should do this - and often. The world would be more peaceful and balanced if this were taught in schools" - Ebony, Doula

"I arrived feeling as though I was carrying the burdens of the world in my chest. I found the tools highly effective and left feeling a lot of relief. Essential self care for everyone"

"Emotions need to escape and this is a lovely way to do it. Thank you to the team for making me feel supported in this lonely time"

"Natalie and Ruth created a strong safe container that allows the group to dive deep. In just two hours we created a level of trust and release that usually takes a few days"

"A really useful, well-held and immensely safe space to learn about healthy moving and expressing emotions through the body"

"Come with an open mind and be prepared to let go. This space is safe & guided, just go with it"

"For any emotions festering - known or unknown - this space allows you to be present in your whole self. There is no shame to express any emotion, all are welcome. It’s not often we can let go like this"

"You should come and gift yourself this. You’ll feel better"

"I felt a connection - protection from my Transcestors. Protective. Wise. Saying anger can be powerful. My anger came in a chant 'don’t harm my people'...as in: don’t stop love"

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