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Workshop Feedback

Here are some of my favourite testimonials from workshops I have facilitated:

Speak Your Truth

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Valerie Kattenfeld, 28 July 2018

"Very satisfied; amazing facilitators and group of people. Can use this in all relationships and at work"

"Natalie is confident, fun and encouraging"

"With Natalie, you feel in very safe hands and that allows participants to step forward and feel held"

"This workshop was exactly as described in the advert. No wild over-promising or long list of things not covered"

"Amazing atmosphere, very authentic and supportive, easy to open up. Great transformative experience. Both facilitators are really sensitive and good at creating a safe space"

"Natalie & Valerie are two authentic, loving women who are changing the world"

"I'm taking away the courage to ask for what I really want and awareness of areas where I struggle with boundaries"

"A thoughtful, caring, amazing, honest, brave, well structured, organised, fully intentioned space to develop further"

"Practical exercises drawing on real feelings and situations. Safe space to voice thoughts and emotions that you are shy about or feel are silly"

"Natalie & Valerie are both very gracious, knowledgeable individuals"

"Amazing, supportive, inspiring trust"

Art of Conscious Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 12 September 2018

"Give this a go, it's welcoming, safe, fun pleasurable and really informative. There are lots of ways to bring the practices into everyday life"

"Great workshop if you want to understand boundaries and touch"

"Touch has become a whole new experience"

"Made it easier to identify what I am doing and would like to do, definitely recommended"

Learn How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 29 September 2018

"Friendly, welcoming & deep workshop. It changes you. It brings you close to yourself"

"Great event to start working on self love"

"Natalie is very warm and open, made me feel comfortable to share"

"I'm taking away knowing my true self"

"I love the fact this pushed me out my comfort zone, which helped with my growth. Learning that decisions I've made were for the best and that I've come a long way. Not feeling judged"

"I learned to put into words how I feel"

"Really helpful. Easy to engage with"

"I'm taking away self compassion for the challenges in my early life and that it's ok to feel pain"

"Great way to open up"

"My take away is that it's ok to just be me"

"I recommend this workshop if you want to learn to acknowledge your feelings"

"I learned to say No if something makes me uncomfortable"

Consent & Mindful Touch / Art of Conscious Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 7 November 2018

"The workshop was an ideal combination of theory & practice. It really brought the Wheel Of Consent to life and helped me to experience the quadrants I'm less familiar with"

"Enjoyable, entertaining and insightful"

"I got more confidence about asking for what I want and what the other person likes or doesn't like"

"Both facilitators have beautiful and electric energy when they laugh and demo with each other. The humour is infectious"

"Good balance of content, discussion and practical exercises. The discussions were very illuminating and questions well fielded. I learned that it's sexy to ask! [for what I want]"

"It was a real coming back to myself, asking for what I wanted and getting those needs met"

"Natalie has a lovely warmth and authenticity and Sanjay was very knowledgeable and warm also"

"Everybody should know these concepts as they are applicable in so many situations, not only in the bedroom. It's a door to increased self awareness and pleasure"

"It was a very enjoyable and informative/empowering workshop"

"I learned to check in with myself about my intentions when touching someone"

"I most enjoyed the theory and embodied exercises"

"It was very useful, with clear explanations about the Wheel Of Consent, and lots of fun too" 

Learn How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 5 January 2019

"I learned I am not alone"

"This workshop provides a safe environment with like-minded people to explore what makes us tick. The exercises helped me understand my reactions to various situations and examine why I do that. Natalie made me feel comfortable at all times and has a relaxed and gentle style which is sensitive to participants' needs"

"Take time to appreciate yourself and do this workshop!"

"I feel empowered to move forward with my life"

"Natalie is brilliant. She has great integrity and ethics and knows how to lovingly hold a group through their individual journeys"

"Great mix of partner, group and solo work"

"Take a day out to get to know yourself and learn true love"

"I loved the beautiful, safe, flow of the different exercises. You can go as deep as you wish; exercises are interesting and some are playful, without ever being too heavy"

"My takeaway is to treat myself as I would treat someone I loved"

"I felt encouraged to really see myself with my struggles and achievements and give myself compassion as I would a friend"

"I learned we are not alone in our difficulties"

"Natalie held the space impeccably and I felt safe"

"I loved the journey we went on, it felt very flowful, diverse and appropriately deep"

"My takeaway was the reminder I can reparent my inner child, take care of her and that she is safe"

"Natalie is a very warm. She explains things well and has a great intuition to adapt to the mood of the group"

"Easily accessible and clearly explained exercises. I found the space enabled me to go to a deep place within myself. Places that felt scary to me were encouraged and held gently."

"No [to another] is a 'yes' to myself"

"It was powerful to share insecurities with others without judgement"

"I learned it is OK to love myself and know that I am whole just on my own"

"Natalie has amazing, positive energy"

"I have a better understanding of myself and my emotions"

"I'm taking away the importance of giving time to myself"

"I realised I need to love myself first before I can connect with others"

"I'm taking away recognition of my needs... I need a BFF and can be my own BFF!"

Introduction To Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 16 January 2019

"Consent is a hot topic in the #metoo movement and is not really understood [in society]. This is an essential workshop for anyone wanting to engage physically with another person, especially sexually" - Emma, Pscychosexual Somatic Therapist

"You have to experience this! A completely new world has opened up for me"

"A great, fun and practical introduction to the Wheel of Consent"

"I enjoyed beginning a journey to learn how to say no and what my boundaries are"

"Give it a go - you'll learn loads about yourself!" - Sara, Researcher

"I loved the relaxed, down to earth vibe of this workshop"

"Natalie & Sanjay were both fully engaged and attentive, inviting of interaction. Very heartening to see the level of support given"

"This was the beginning of a journey towards a more connected self"

"Fantastic, safe introduction to the charged territory of consent. Comprehensive and fun"

"Friendly, safe place, new energetic experiences. I actually started to feel energy more" - Matthew, Call Centre

"Natalie is calm, open and caring and Sanjay felt honest, accurate and experienced"

"I enjoyed that there was lots of experiential practise"

"Everyone should know about the Wheel of Consent as it is an honest way to engage in a dialogue" - Mireille, Teacher

"I loved that there were lots of opportunities to ask questions and practise/experience the concepts" - Sara, Researcher

"Natalie was brilliant. She was thoughtful and felt safe. Sanjay was clear and calm"

"You're in safe hands"

"Clearly explained - I loved the theory part and the visual representation, which made it easy to understand. The exercises brought lots of awareness about myself"

"Natalie is warm and empathetic"

"Sanjay has a strong presence, is very clear and is clearly educated and experienced"

Speak Your Truth

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 2 February 2019

"I loved the role play - being able to have an open conversation and put my feelings first"

"My take away is saying no without guilt and to listen fully with presence, compassion and understanding"

"I'm taking away that it is totally okay to speak openly from the heart"

"I would recommend this workshop for feeling comfortable and supported to explore your own feelings and ways of communicating in a warm environment"

"Natalie is very warm and non-judgemental, which makes [opening up] a lot easier"

"I learned that saying no is saying yes to myself and taking care of me"

"My biggest take away is to ask for things directly as opposed to giving hints"

"The group of people and environment created was so supportive, I was able to connect with myself and feelings I often block out"

"I feel more comfortable saying no"

"You are in a safe and comfortable environment to open up and express how you truly feel"

"I love that I got to practice saying no. I could put my situation and the teachings into a relatable context"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day"

"I would recommend this event and Natalie's services to friends who are interested in self discovery and expansion"

"Natalie is a passionate, aligned, genuine caring facilitator"

"I loved the role play, saying a firm no and expressing my desires clearly"

"Speaking your truth does require vulnerability but sometimes its the most self-loving action to take"

"I recommend this workshop to gain awareness of yourself and to gain confidence to have a challenging conversation with people you care about"

The Art of Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 23 February 2019

"Do it! A truly beautiful space to open safely and with love" - Stephanie, Sex, love & relationship coach

"Great workshop, great facilitators, lovely group of people and lots of great connections" - Lee, IT Digitization

"This is a very safe, nurturing and respectful space for you to discover what a consent culture means"

"My partner and I haven't been so close [as that before] and that felt amazing"

"Go for it - you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!" - Jim, Director

"If you are even slightly curious about embodied communication, try it!"

"Feel safe and open up" - Enrique, consultant

"A wonderful workshop to learn about yourself, how to have healthy and meaningful interactions with others and to heal from toxic ways of relating"

"The exercises felt playful and fun"

"I enjoyed meeting and connecting with lovely people"

"I loved the progression and exploration that was created"

"Sanjay and Natalie hosted with awareness and presence and knew their stuff on this work"

"I appreciate how safe the workshop felt. I felt well led and in good hands."

"I liked Sanjay's relaxed and fun style"

"Natalie has a friendly, open and welcoming style. A good balance between professional and relaxed"

"This workshop will open up new worlds/possibilities of touch. It is also a great opportunity to explore your boundaries and desires in a very safe and fun space"

"I really enjoyed the kindness and safety which the facilitators were able to model and which the group responded to warmly - we all did our utmost to respect each others vulnerability and boundaries"

"Body and touch was mentioned is a respectful and shame-free way"

"Really great workshop. It opens your eyes to your own behaviours and patterns"

"I loved the hugging - I need more loving touch"

"Sanjay was respectful, mindful, caring, clear and authentic"

"Natalie was very embodied, clear, sincere, caring and authentic"

Introduction To Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 9 April 2019

"Really valuable time spent re-centering and consciously focusing on clear connection and communication with others"

"My favourite exercise was the slapping - it created space to explore something I otherwise probably wouldn't have tried"

"Even if you are nervous or think it isn't for you, give it a go - all very welcoming and you might surprise yourself!"

"I left feeling calmer and more positive"

"A clarifying workshop on the different forces involved in relationship consents, not only in touch but also actions"

Stress Buster: London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release class

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 16 April 2019

"This is the only place I’ve experienced such a level of emotional honesty and physical release in such a highly skilled and lead group. Everyone should do this - and often. The world would be more peaceful and balanced if this were taught in schools" - Ebony, Doula

"I arrived feeling as though I was carrying the burdens of the world in my chest. I found the tools highly effective and left feeling a lot of relief. Essential self care for everyone"

"Emotions need to escape and this is a lovely way to do it. Thank you to the team for making me feel supported in this lonely time"

"Natalie and Ruth created a strong safe container that allows the group to dive deep. In just two hours we created a level of trust and release that usually takes a few days"

"A really useful, well-held and immensely safe space to learn about healthy moving and expressing emotions through the body"

"Come with an open mind and be prepared to let go. This space is safe & guided, just go with it"

"For any emotions festering - known or unknown - this space allows you to be present in your whole self. There is no shame to express any emotion, all are welcome. It’s not often we can let go like this"

"You should come and gift yourself this. You’ll feel better"

"I felt a connection - protection from my Transcestors. Protective. Wise. Saying anger can be powerful. My anger came in a chant 'don’t harm my people'...as in: don’t stop love"

Speak Your Truth

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 27 April 2019

"If you want to know how to respect and invest in yourself, do this workshop!"

"My biggest take away was learning to define my boundaries"

"I loved almost all parts of this workshop - especially the scenarios saying 'no'"

Elements of Tantra: 3 Levels of Connection

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 5 May 2019

"I loved every part of the workshop. I can takeaway something from each exercise"

"Do it! It's a beautiful workshop. The material is presented in a very clear way with powerful, practical exercises. The learnings are life-changing and realisations are profound. The facilitators held the space very skillfully, creating a safe container. I got so much from it. Thank you!"

"Brilliant workshop. Everyone should try it!"

"Lovely environment to explore different levels of connection and a safe place to speak out desires"

"Excellent facilitators. Took time in explaining all of the exercises. I felt more aware and connected to myself through the day.  Lots of different things about me came together and made sense by the end of the day. Putting all the pieces of my puzzle in place and finding out more about me"

"I loved the power of eye connection to change one's feelings, inspire and enlighten"

"I'm taking away more awareness of feelings in my body"

"My biggest takeaway is checking in with the 4 power centres when making decisions and awareness of sensations of yes/no in the body"

"I enjoyed the blindfolded music exercise and making connections with people"

"Safe environment where everyone could share"

"Well thought exercises, I've been gently guided in a deeper connection within myself and with others. Well explained concept also for those who weren't familiar with tantra and mindfulness"

"I love that the workshop covered quite a few aspects of tantra and was understandable for someone with no experience of tantra"

"I recommend this workshop to open up your heart and allow yourself to listen and a look into it, to feels the vibes and healing energy of it, as a bigger purpose"

"If you want to get a deeper connection to yourself and tap into what you really want, this is the place"

"I'm taking away a lot!"

"My biggest takeaway is to listen to what my four decision centres in my body are saying - not just my brain. And to take my time when making decisions. Not to make decisions when I am rushed or stressed"

"I loved listening to and stating stating desires"

"You get to connect with others and learn techniques to use in your day-to-day life to improve your life experience"

"I'm taking away to allow time and preparation for easeful transition from one thing to the next [in life]"

"My biggest takeaway is to try to allow my mind to step back when decisions are to be made"

"The facilitators are friendly and approachable"

"My takeaway is to be fully present"

"Worth trying! I felt very safe the whole time"

The Art of Consent & Mindful Touch

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 19 May 2019

"The workshop was mindblowing. I couldn't understand the wheel of consent before this workshop but the facilitators made it easy to understand" - Andrea, Nurse

"Felt totally energized after attending the workshop. So happy I took the risk to attend this workshop - life changing!" - Andrea, Nurse

"I enjoyed the energy field work. I'd heard about energy fields but never experienced them"

"It's a good way to learn more on the subject of consent. If everyone was on the same page, life would be better for all"

"I loved learning about the wheel of consent and the touch and hugs"

"Very good [workshop] for anyone who feels a bit lost and wants to get in touch with themselves"

"The facilitators were excellent."

"I really recommend it"

"I really enjoyed the blend of theoretical and experiential"

"Great facilitation. Safe. Great value for money"

Stress Buster: London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release class

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 24 May 2019

"The emotional release workshop was both fun and profound at the same time, leaving me feeling light and in a better place at the end of the evening. Highly recommended!" - Steve

"A wonderfully facilitated space for cathartic expressive release of emotional energy. This is a very healing process, offered within authentic care and empathy. I recommend to anyone who feels the weight of unexpressed or held emotion sitting as a burden to freedom and growth" - Gail, Movement Coach

"Great team, well organised and friendly. Come if you want to release!" - Andy

"I loved the opportunity to replay, release & express emotions in a safe space. A completely generous and empathetically facilitated experience. Feeling purged" - Gail, Movement Coach

"This is a space where you can connect with your body, feel & release your emotions & be loved as you are. Feeling lighter and freer. I highly recommend going" - Isik

"I loved freedom to scream for the first time in 30 years and having a tantrum like a kid without judgement" - Emilie

"The welcoming, gentleness and support of all facilitators made the experience not so daunting as thought. You will get out in 2 hours feeling grateful, connected and relieved" - Emilie

"Everyone should do this work regularly. It enables deep connection to fear, anger, rage and all other emotions. It’s a real clearing of the house and deepens knowledge of self"

"My take away was the freedom to do whatever - no shame / embarrassment" - Andy

"It’s a safe place to explore and express deep strong feelings and be able to let go of them. The support from facilitators is amazing, they are very authentic!"

"My take away is the opportunity to feel, be surprised, comforted and revealed. And hearing an inner voice"

"Ruth, Natalie and Masto are fantastic at facilitating and encouraging you to express those excess repressed emotions." - Steve

"Doing these tools made such difference to my state of being"

"I loved the permission to scream & make as much noise and expend excess energy as possible. It’s a safe space" - Steve

"I loved the welcoming and safe space. The gentleness of voices which were reassuring and the support of the facilitators." - Emilie

"This is a safe space where you can make any sounds and let go fully. When you allow your body to move and make sounds it knows how to heal and release" - Isik

"I’d use the tools presented, for sure!"

"Our bodies are amazing at withstanding intense emotions but there’s only that much they can hold in a lifetime. Our bodies, our vessel, need care!"

"When under a lot of stress and emotional feeling not expressed, attending this workshop will help you relieve part of it and feel better afterward" - Emilie

"What you think you need to release is not necessarily what the body needs" - Andy

Stress Buster: London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release class

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 28 June 2019

"I loved the open and supportive environment and small class" - Victoria

"This workshop is perfect at lightly guiding and supporting us to find and release authentic emotional energy"

"The techniques are very liberating. The way they were explained was very clear and made them very accessible. The atmosphere of the class felt calm and safe"

"Amazing experience - felt safe to feel and express my anger, sadness and even joy. Unlike anything else I've experienced, except maybe roller coasters"

"I loved the music and the energy. The tantrum tool felt amazing"

"The emotional release tools are really useful and it's good to learn and practise them before you really need them" - Victoria

"I loved the emotional freedom and lovely support [in this class]"

Elements of Tantra: Living Consciously

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 30 June 2019

"My life has changed so much since doing tantra workshops. I am now aware of my own body and my emotions. I have learned to listen to my body, don’t ignore warning signs and have faith in my instincts." - Andrea, Nurse

"Sanjay has nice communication skills and Natalie has a really good way to explain things"

"I felt freedom just being 'me' when we had the little dance" - Lucy, Staff Nurse

"My favourite exercise was Aspecting. I was a bit anxious [...] as I knew it would be difficult for me. I felt safe with the facilitators and group to release my emotions. I now feel peaceful" - Andrea, Nurse

"Thank you for holding space [...] and allowing the permission to be and to feel"

"I enjoyed the cushion exercise [Aspecting]. This can be used any time in future, whenever required" - Bipin, IT Engineer

"You have so much to gain by doing the workshops, so much self-discovery, I look forward to doing more workshops." - Andrea, Nurse

"I enjoyed the discussions and teachings about noticing emotions"

"I enjoyed meeting new people, dancing and the excellent quality of the facilitators" - Andrea, Nurse

“Observe the energy differences" - Bipin, IT Engineer

"I enjoyed the physical movements and the dancing was lovely. The blaming session was my best.  I actively encourage you to attend" - Lucy, Staff Nurse

Elements of Tantra: Cultivating Conscious Relationships

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 20 July 2019

"Natalie is such a gifted, nurturing and empowering facilitator. I feel so grateful to have met such an intuitive and wise woman. She authentically lives what she teaches and is such an inspiration to be around, where I feel I learn so much from just being in her presence. Knowing how much she has touched my life, I couldn’t recommend her more highly, she’s simply incredible."

"I enjoyed all of today. Lots of things make sense. I had heard people talk about Yang and Yin, now I feel I have an understanding of this and can use it in future relationships / everyday life" - Andrea, Nurse

“These workshops are for everyone, there was so much wisdom broken down into really practical support. The exercises helped me to embody the learning and experience new parts of myself. I took away so many things that I have used in my relationship, that have helped me to become a more present, loving partner. Thank you Sanjay and Natalie for sharing your wisdom in such a fun, compassionate and enlightening way.”

"I would recommend this workshop for a good foundation of understanding relationship dynamics"

"I loved the concept of the relationship being a living being. You will leave with lots of very valuable questions and ideas to explore." - Andrew, coach

"Natalie & Sanjay are very warm and sincere"

"I had a lot of 'penny drop' moments today. I wish I had done this ten years ago. Maybe I would still be married."

"I feel there has been a shift in energy for me. My pain has eased and I feel free and empowered!" - Andrea, Nurse

"I liked Sanjay & Natalie's openness and knowledge" - Andrew, coach

"A chance to dive into what a relationship means for you in a held space"

"Discover the unknown side of oneself"

"Sanjay & Natalie are warm and caring. Natalie felt very authentic"

"I enjoyed the practical exercises and a chance to connect authentically with my feelings"

"I would recommend this workshop to learn about yourself in the context of applying the elements of tantra in order for your self improvement of enhancing your relationships"

"Sanjay & Natalie deliver a good steady pace and just the right amount of info. They work well together"

"Come learn about the ever expanding universal language of relationships, so one day you can be fluent"

"I loved the 'what you desire' exercise because I do not ask this to myself enough"

"Natalie and Sanjay are a great team, I can trust them and feel able to express how I really feel. I can speak my truth. I feel held and supported by both Sanjay and Natalie" - Andrea, Nurse

Stress Buster: London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release class

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 12 August 2019

"This workshop feels like an essential part of self-care. A regular way to clear emotion and stay 'emotionally current'. There is a power to doing these tools in a group and within a safe, held space" - Nicola

"Brilliant, it was my first time to this particular workshop and I found it interestingly soul cleansing" - Alex

"A beautiful opportunity to get in touch with some deep emotions. I loved the group atmosphere and felt it was very gentle"

"Releasing emotion with Stress Buster is a vital piece of self care and for maintaining my mental health. It's as important as brushing my teeth now" - Sarah

"Supported so fully! Release anything squashed up and let yourself flow again"

"This is a great way to release tensions in your body - even some that you didn't realise were there! Natalie & Ruth really looked after everyone"

"I loved the very cathartic emotional release, ego deflation" - Alex

"Natalie and Ruth hold a beautiful container that allows me to go very deep very quickly. I accessed personal rage and rage for all womanhood - quite a feat in a 2hr session!" - Sarah

"I loved learning new techniques and the honesty"

"A safe space to go for it and two steady people holding [the space] well"

"I love the invitation to drop into the body and deeply connect to where I feel things in the body and accessing deep rage, which I find hard to access" - Sarah

"I felt very safe and clear instructions. Very well held" - Nicola

Elements of Tantra: Harness Your Personal Power

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 31st August 2019

"It was truly mind-blowing!!! Every single topic we were discussing and using tools for were/felt so real and I will use them in my life straightaway. They will have a huge shift – I feel I have shifted and left the workshop as a different person" - Michaela, Nanny

"Packs a lot of punch at a low cost and comes with a party bag of useful takeaways" - Michael

"This is one of the best workshops I have been to, in terms of material, valuable exercises, learning and the way the space was held"

"A very open and held a great space, both facilitators are great communicators and create a heart space" - Adam, Musician

"Amazing! Very Powerful."

"The facilitators held the energy very well and answered questions. Good balance of masculine and feminine"

"I felt I had power leaks I want to address, and the workshop was very useful and an empowering experience to bring peace and awareness. It an open group and a safe space"

"Unhooking chains: I finally found a release from a specific situation. I have found peace and calmness and have lots of energy. I can see where I was leaking energy on this situation and I now have more energy for me!!! My energy is valuable" - Andrea, Nurse

"The structure of the workshop, the tools were different and very powerful for me, it was the best workshop I have been to" - Michaela, Nanny

"Open, friendly, helpful, attitude and sensitive approach"

"I couldn’t imagine a better way to come back to London from my holiday. Beautiful people and wow, I have the power" - Michaela, Nanny

"[I noticed that] I smile when I’m expressing anger, I am now aware that I wear a mask and that I am afraid to express anger. During an exercise I became aware that I have issues that I am angry about and I need to release their anger and during the workshop I was given tools to release my anger" - Andrea, Nurse

"Come and take time to connect to your mind, body and soul, you deserve it!" - Adam, Musician

"A great team, great facilitators and felt held and supported during the workshop" - Andrea, Nurse

"I like how the facilitators complement each other in different aspects"

"A good way to meet people interested in tantra"

"Doing these workshops has given me a shift in my energy and I have now been released! Finally, there is freedom from pain" - Andrea, Nurse

"Great connection with the attendees"

"I loved the vibe between the facilitators and how you work together – very professional and smooth. I felt very safe with both facilitators and that's what I need to feel when I come to workshops" - Michaela, Nanny

Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 10th September 2019

"This is an incredibly powerful workshop to come to release everything, leaving you feeling free, empowered & light" - Isik Tlabar

"It's been very revealing for me to attend the Stress Buster event over these last couple of months. I'm feeling some physical and emotional tension around my heart area that has been there for a long time starting to move so thank you for putting these events on"

"This is a really beautifully held space with master facilitation. If you're booking for somewhere that offers guidance and tools, whilst allowing you to be moved by by your intuition and inner wisdom, this is the place to do it. I highly recommend this workshop" - Kyle Reeves

"A warm, loving, vibrant atmosphere that was very well guided and held, where I felt very able to release some energy I needed to and get in touch with a compassionate part of me that I very much needed to find"

"I enjoyed the energy that was generated and the warm loving atmosphere"

"I loved the freedom to flow with the tools in my own way and my own pace. Freedom to sound and express myself fully" - Kyle Reeves

"It helps a lot to relieve my pain" - Inna

"I loved how loving, open & accepting the space was held" - Isik Tlabar

"The thing I loved most about this workshop was myself: all the way through arousal, rage, disgust and defeat and back again"

"Powerful tool to release emotions. If you're bored of meditating, this works too!"

Elements of Tantra: Delight Your Senses!

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 2nd November 2019

"A brilliant workshop. It really awakened my senses. Lots of pleasure and complete bliss" - Andrea, Nurse

"I loved the energy work - totally spellbound!"

"A wonderful opportunity to step back from the patterns and obstacles in your life and reflect on/experience just how much richer and connected it can be" - Sebastian, Consultant

"I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the senses, and particularly touch, in a group setting and in a way that breaks the normal patterns or escalator you might be on at home"

"Natalie and Sanjay hold a fun and playful space to explore touch, taste and sensation. We had a good laugh and also dropped into some really juicy sensual spaces at points. A great way to spend the day on a journey of playful juiciness"

"Essential life skills, superbly delivered by Natalie and Sanjay" - Michael

"I found the energy body work during the puja very powerful and I'll certainly play the 'yes, no, maybe' game again!"

"I enjoyed being blindfolded and fed food. Awakened the erotic sensation in my body!"

"Doing the workshops, I have learnt that my old ways of people pleasing are holding me back. I now feel energised, courageous and brave and not to hide away anymore. I want people to see the real me! Feel confident to make changes. I now believe in myself" - Andrea, Nurse

"Give yourself the opportunity to grow and expand"

"My favourite exercise was the puja because [we got to] trust our intuition"

"I am now going home to explore the combination of dark chocolate, blindfold and pinwheel!"

Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 29th November 2019

"Rare urban space to drop in deeply to your emotional body. Providing unique tools to support the process" - Moran

"Very powerful tools which can help you transfer / release your negative emotions. You leave feeling lighter and brighter" - Michaela, Nanny

"I’ve been to nearly every workshop and each one is different. It’s a powerful opportunity to dive into the emotional body and feel what is there and process it. Everyone should do this regularly" - Sarah

"I needed a space in which to show up with my pain and that allowed my body to express that. I felt amazingly supported to go deep into my grief and be witnessed. It was incredibly cathartic and healing, thank you" - Safiatu

"Stress Buster is a rare space where you can release deeply held emotions from the body. Wonderfully held and safe space" - Nicola

"It felt safe enough for my introvert self to surrender"

"I loved the freedom to feel whatever I needed to feel, a safe space well held. It was a privilege to share with other people"

"Meet yourself and allow it to be seen and heard!"

"Wonderfully held space. Professional and safe, but also relaxed and fun" - Nicola

"I loved having permission to express my anger, grief and pain"

"Lovely facilitators, felt very safe, held and loved. The tools are simple yet powerful" - Safiatu

"I found aspecting to be very effective & despite my initial doubts, connected to it quickly"

"This was a super space, an accepting space and a very well facilitated session"

"I loved the opportunity to do aspect work and find a ‘link' in the in-between space"

"The facilitators were really approachable and explained everything clearly"

"I loved going really deep with the aspecting to a part of myself. Accessing tears and deep fears" - Sarah

"Safe space. Tightly held and adequate information" - Moran

"I loved the variety of tools to choose from. Very safe space. The energy of a group. You guys and the way you explained everything" - Michaela, Nanny

Elements of Tantra: Connected, Embodied, Heartfelt Sexuality

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi, 7th December 2019

"I learnt so much that's new and essential. I was also reminded how much I already know :-) Safely held. Knowledgeable and caring teachers." - Michael, Retired

"This workshop has allowed me to cultivate a space with my partner where we can explore the essence of desire and touch. I feel closer to him and contained by the energies I've played with today" - Priyankaa, Events

"You think you know a lot about sex/women/your partner but you will learn so much more. It also confirms what you already know" - AJ, Manager

"I loved the practical knowledge, clear explanations and how the space was held" - Andrea, Massage therapist

"Best facilitators I have worked with - an amazing team!"

"Natalie & Sanjay are very calm. Clearly experienced in their field. Nothing is too much, they explain everything"

"The knowledge you both share is fundamental knowledge we ought to get from parents/school in our early upbringing. I think everyone should be able to to feel at ease to navigate so often uncomfortable conversations with our partners/lovers" - Anna, Nanny

"I loved the men and women's groups and the sisterhood of being in the women's group. Very grateful for the vulnerability people showed" - Andrea, Nurse

"In this workshop, you will experience flow, empowerment, surrender, learning what men want and learning what women want" - Mark New, Summer Of Love

"If you are confused or lost in relationship or sexual life, this workshop can help you find the answer"

"Suitable for beginners to tantra. I loved the connection & flow"

"Sanjay & Natalie's knowledge was affirming and their approach very loving and kind"

"Excellent co-creators of a safe, heart-felt space of connection and exploration"

"I felt very connected. I learned about boundaries and feelings of trust"

"I loved the openness, vulnerability and connection you have with fellow members" - AJ, Manager

"Spooning exercise - I've laid in this position countless times and never felt the alignment that I did today with my partner!" - Priyankaa, Events

"I completed all 6 workshops in this series. I have been on an amazing journey during the past year working with Natalie and Sanjay. I have changed as a person so much, I almost don't recognise myself, I love the new me!" - Andrea, Nurse

"Final exercise - totally magical!"

"I loved the fun and playfulness of today's workshop"

"Sanjay was very knowledgeable with beautiful, clam, grounded energy" - Anna, Nanny

"I loved Natalie's bubbly energy and direct way of sharing her knowledge" - Anna, Nanny

Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 14th January 2020

"This workshop is the medicine. You’ll clear your system like you didn’t know." - Andrew

"I loved the process and opening up to see what comes through. I now have tools to be able to use to help me. The facilitators are great and supportive."

"Wow, what a great way to shift energy. I feel clean and connected to the Divine."

"I came in not knowing what to expect. I left with much more understanding. I will definitely come back to know more."

"I liked that there were several different tools to choose from. I felt held and supported with 3 facilitators."

"I loved the feeling that I was being safely held with care and inclusive, sensitive, respectful ethos. Useful demonstration. I felt safe to release emotion."

"There is a cumulative benefit to doing these practices. Each session is different and each time I am more present and embodied. I do this in partnership with other developmental trauma healing."

"The tools are super powerful. I loved having the space to really go deep." - Andrew

"Emotional Release is such a powerful practice for me & I struggle to go deep alone - I am so grateful to you for providing this space for us." - Amy White, Women’s Femininity & Sexuality Coach.

"I loved the openness and kindness within the workshop and insights from the teachers."

"This session gives you the tools to drop into your subconscious self, but to do that you have to let go."

"The space was darned nice, the teachers were lovely and calm. I felt OK to express myself."

"Come here if you want to leave your ego and body behind for a few hours and learn a lot about yourself."

Shamanic Breathwork - Small Group

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, 26th February 2020

"I hoped to clear blockages and, after the session, I felt uplifted!"

"I’d been feeling quite stuck, blocked, frustrated and like I’m not living my authentic life. After the session, I felt a bit emotional from the process, but so much lighter and clearer. I felt I’d discovered new things about myself and my trauma and it feels very cathartic." - Seanna

"Natalie holds a very beautiful warm space where you are supported to feel everything you need to in order to realise heavy energy. I enjoyed the whole session. And it was the first time I put my energy on paper; I loved to let the mind go and just drew what I saw in my meditations and what it came to me at that time. It was a beautiful experience!"

"I hoped the breathwork might help me with emotional build up and, afterwards, I felt much freer, safe and supported" - Gintare

"Natalie is so incredibly good at holding space and responding to the needs of the individual. I got so much out of my session and feel a lot better than I have in a while. I’ve been to way too many breathwork sessions before where there isn’t enough chance to share, decompress and reflect on the huge journey you’ve been on and I’ve always felt something was missing. I think Natalie hit the nail on the head with the balance of breathwork time and reflection time. It’s my favourite breathwork session I’ve done in London." - Seanna

"Natalie has a calm and caring nature and made me feel at ease with anything that came up. She creates a safe space, where any emotion and feeling is acceptable. I felt fully supported in my journey and will definitely return as soon as I can. Highly recommended!" - Gintare

Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, 28th February 2020

"What I loved most about this workshop was permission to be vocal, learning the techniques and the facilitators." - Claire

"I appreciated the welcoming energy, felt at ease straight away as was a bit nervous about what it was going to involve." - Jess, Beauty Consultant

"It is great for any level, I am a beginner and I still took something from the experience! Intrigued to delve more into my inner self! Amazing leaders too! So smiley and calm. Didn’t feel judged!" - Jess, Beauty Consultant

"I loved the attitude - supportive and love filled but - these are practical tools to use in order to feel more human - the no nonsense!"

"This is a practice that I have to make priority - it’ll make you feel more animal, more alive."

"I came tonight as I feel like I have stuck energy that I find it hard to let come to the surface. I can feel it but it doesn’t seem to shift. I felt like I needed help to get things shifting and releasing."

"The ritual works on an emotional level so much deeper than talking therapy."

"I loved being given permission to let go of any and all emotions. Ruth, Natalie and Esrar all really respected my space, offering help but in an unassuming, unintrusive way."

"I loved the freedom to express." - Ciaran, Cockney Yogi

"This is a space release that I am not aware of anywhere else. A place to come, drop your mask and just be." - Ciaran, Cockney Yogi

"These tools help me understand myself." - Andrew

"I loved having permission to have a tantrum and be an emotional mess."

Online Shamanic Breathwork

Facilitated by Natalie Ford, weekly through March & April 2020

"The work feels really profound and is so gently and kindly held, I’d recommend to anyone" - Lou

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing & powerful last nights session was for me, thank you so much!!" - Rachel

"If you are looking for a way to connect or reconnect to your body, your essence, your soul, your hearts desire, Natalie creates an environment that supports you in that journey" - Anon

"I felt tenderised. Connected. Surprised at feeling the visceral difference in my relationship with my inner child in a way I can't describe but feels like something clearing for the first time. (Which given that I have been doing personal growth work for over twenty years is saying something)" - Ruth

"A very powerful experience. It's great that you get to see the other people in the group and interact with them! Natalie is an amazing facilitator and is very caring and compassionate which shines through during the session" - Andrea

"The breathwork and the way it is held gave me the ability to deeply heal, release and still stay present and connected. It was possible to go to quite distressing places in myself and just go with the flow until they eased quite naturally and without residual distressing feelings. At the end feeling tenderised, whole and complete." - Ruth

"Natalie is able to hold the most safe container for you to be able to release and move through intense emotions and find medicine of the deepest self love. I am deeply grateful. I was able to truly release + find a new fire return from my session with her!" - Auria

"I hoped the breathwork would help me with the virus crisis & I left feeling more able to find a way [forward]" - Mike

"Natalie is amazing, great soul and extremely supportive and her classes are of great benefit" - Amy

"I left feeling really relaxed and peaceful" - Anon

"My partner and I joined and both found it really powerful. I dropped into my journey within minutes and reached a deep sense of stillness and bliss. I’m now feeling really nourished and calm" - Emma

"This was powerful and so helpful. Natalie comes across as a caring, nurturing facilitator, keen on making each participant feel as comfortable and as safe as possible" - Tamara

"I came to release fear & left feeling peaceful & hopeful. Totally transformed!" - Rachel

"I have taken part in Natalie’s breathwork and would recommend it! It’s an amazing way to expand your mind and wellbeing. Would recommend you listen to music on good speakers or headphones. Well done Natalie!" - Monica

"Natalie explained Shamanic Breathwork, what to expect and how to make the most of it, very clearly at the start, which was appreciated as I was a total beginner. She was a supportive presence through the entire process. It proved to be a spiritual experience for me with full-body sensations, emotional release and some powerful realisations. I’d recommend allowing Natalie to guide you through your first Shamanic experience." - Ruth

"I felt deeply relaxed afterwards" - Ruth

"I found this event to be a completely safe and accepting space in which to do this work. Natalie is a great and caring teacher. I benefited hugely from this event and would highly recommend it" - Anon

"After the breathwork, I felt in awe. Clearer. Calmer. More connected" - Anon

"A beautiful safe space that opens you up to empty the old and invite the new if you wanted too💜" - Bella

"I hoped the breathwork might help me shift my current state, deepening the work that I'm doing at the moment. I felt amazing at the end - thank you!" - Bella

"Beautifully held, very well supported by Natalie; being online instead of in the same physical space had no negatives" -Lou

"I hoped the breathwork might help me with releasing blocks and old beliefs, retrieving parts of myself I’ve lost. I felt really happy with the session and my experience" - Lou

"I wanted to reconnect to love after a long morning of standing up against racism in my community. In the breathwork, I was able to release the intensity of the morning - I found the medicine in the situation. I was able to transmute into a fire of passion that will fuel me to keep moving with my love to keep offering the world my support for a better world!" - Auria

"It’s a great tool for transformative living. Highly recommended" - Louise

"After the session, I felt cosmic, orgasmic & connected to deeper held emotions!" - Louise

"Breathwork is one of the very few tools I know that help me learn to get more into my body and allow access to blocked emotions. It's a gentle method but, bit by bit, breathwork can help accept ourselves and life as it is and has been - and thus reintegrate parts we had rejected" - Anon

"I came to let go of what no longer serves me and left feeling relaxed and calm" - Anon

"I hoped the breathwork might help me with becoming more whole. I felt more in my body afterwards" - Lou

"Its a very nice and deep experience, allowing you to dive deep into yourself, embodiment of your soul and true nature" - Debora

"I hoped the breathwork would help me release anger and I left feeling very relaxed, joyful, mind emptied" - Debora

"To tap into my natural healing, progress and move forward" - Anon

"The event was structured well, care was provided and plenty of support administered" - Anon

Online Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe, April - June 2020

"I recommenced this workshop to anybody who wants to feel more free and liberated within themselves" - Darrius

"I find it easy to slip into denying emotions I feel, especially in the culture I was brought up in, and this is a highly supportive event that helps me release what is trapped. Would recommend it to anyone" - Sophie

"This workshop’s hosts created a space that felt safe and secure to delve into the tools they carefully explained and encouraged us to explore. I felt really supported to express myself without judgement and safe knowing they offered additional support for attendees afterwards should more challenging aspects arise. Thank you for your hard work and ingenuity that went into adapting this for online, for holding this space for us and making it accessible with sliding payment scale." - Helen

"Ahhhhhh just the release I needed, anger, grief, wildness, arousal. Perfect!" - Anon

"I thought the hosts were great - really open and gentle and made me feel safe to explore uncharted territory. Loved the demos, thought was really smooth and clear considering the obvious current limitations [Social distancing]. I also agreed that there are some real benefits of being at home to do this... so nice to ground in your space afterwards and have comforting food and bath. I can also really see the benefits of being in a communal space - especially where you can fully verbally release, as I know I felt a little aware of neighbours which perhaps slightly limited the experience - so would like to try that too one day! I was very grateful for the sliding payment scale which made this accessible to me at this time. Thank you." - Helen

"I loved the leadership, community and places I was able to reach with this workshop" - Sophie

"I loved your guidance, clear explanations of the tools and techniques, the way you both held the space, and other participants" - Anon

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