The More Pleasure Guide

Here's how you can support yourself into greater feeling, more pleasurable sensations, deeper relaxation & better orgasms!

Relaxation (very important for good orgasms):

➤ Take 20 minutes each morning to do some SLOW & GENTLE stretches with your body - be fully present, no multitasking.

➤ Either after the above exercise or at a different time, take 10 minutes each day to lay on your back in a quiet room & just focus on your breathing. Feel the sensations of your body filling with air & the breath leaving you. Stay with it for the whole 10 minutes, focusing purely on the sensations of your breathing.

Get More Comfortable With Your Body:

➤ Spend time looking at yourself naked in the mirror & notice what judgements come into your head & then let them go. Don't attach to them.

➤ Try to see your imperfections as uniquely you & accept or even love them.

Awaken & Free Your Sexual Energy:

➤ Stand with your feet hip-width apart & bend your knees. Rotate your pelvis so you stick your yoni forwards. Then rotate your pelvis back so you stick your bum out. (See my video on how to do this). Repeat & go rhythmically from back to front, thrusting your pelvis for 3 minutes. Do this daily for at least 4 weeks or until you start to notice your sexual energy awakening.

➤ When you feel any emotion (sad, angry, happy, frustrated, frightened), sit down & actually FEEL it. Let it out. Cry, shout / scream into a pillow or stamp your feet & punch the air whenever needed. (Check out my video on emotional release techniques). Sexual energy & emotions are very linked. Suppressing your emotions, will suppress your sexual energy!

De-armour Numb or Sore Points In Your Yoni:

➤ Do this when you are feeling relaxed & calm. You'll need a comfortable room, some candles, gentle music, a hand-held mirror & some lubricant.

  • Wash your hands before you begin.
  • Choose somewhere warm & comfortable. Set the lighting so it's soft but bright enough to see, light some candles & play some gentle, soothing music.
  • Have your hand-held mirror & lubricant nearby.
  • Lay down naked & gently start to stroke & caress your body. Be loving towards yourself.
  • Take the mirror & look with curiosity at your yoni.
  • Send your yoni some love (energy from your heart).
  • Apply a small amount of lube on your hand & rub it gentle on your labia (yoni lips) & over your clitoris.
  • As you slowly touch, find places that feel sore or numb & hold you finger gently on them. Take a breath & exhale love (heart energy) to where you are touching.
  • Move your finger gently in a very slow circling motion on the spot you are touching. If it hurts, keep your finger still, take a breath & send heart energy to that place. Stay with it until the pain lessens.
  • Move around your yoni, finding these painful or numb areas & each time, stop, keep your finger still, breathe & send heart energy. Stay fully present with the spot until the pain eases.
  • Repeat for 5-20 minutes, until you have had enough for one session.

You can do this on the outside & inside of your yoni. Be gentle with yourself & treat your yoni with reverence & adoration - worship her like a Goddess.

You may need to rest a lot after a de-armouring session, so allow yourself extra rest time.

Repeat this regularly (weekly ideally) & slowly you will notice less pain & more sensation. Eventually pleasure will come back to parts it is absent from.

Self Pleasure Routine:

➤ Do this at least once a week:

1) Set 20-30 mins aside

2) Stand & take 10 deep, slow breaths

3) Gently stretch & touch all over your body

4) Stay connected to your body, feel the sensations, let your mind rest - it's ok if emotions arise

5) Place a hand on your heart & one on your Yoni & breathe into these areas

6) Playfully dribble oil (coconut or almond) over your breasts & tummy & massage it into your body

7) Take the oil to your Yoni with your less dominant hand & explore gently

8) Tease yourself to a 5-6/10 arousal then come back to breasts, face, legs, feet & arms

9) Play with faster/slower breaths

10) Pleasure all of your Yoni - lips, mound, entrance, clit, canal, gspot, cervix

11) Let go of any goal & just enjoy the feeling

12) At the end of your allotted time, gently bring to a close. Take this energy into your day 🎉

If you prefer not to take this journey alone, I offer a programme to support women seeking more satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences.

If you are deeply committed to your personal transformation, work with me, one-to-one, over 6 months to guide you as you step through the barriers - mental, emotional & physical - stopping you having the sexual experiences you desire.

How might it be to enjoy slow-to-build, powerful orgasms, where your body feels relaxed, you feel safe & your orgasms feel deeply satisfying?

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