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Diagram showing location of the g-spot and a-spot inside the vaginal canal

Image credit & copyright: Confident Lovers

Did you know there is more than one special 'spot' in a yoni? Not just the G-spot, but an A-spot too!

The A-spot responds differently than the G-spot and can be easier for some women to experience pleasure from. Whereas the G-spot responds well to a rhythmic stroking motion, the A-spot responds more to pressure than touch and can be stimulated more easily through penetrative sex - both vaginal and anal.

Have a look at this diagram from Confident Lovers, showing the location of the A-spot, deeper into the vaginal canal, near to the cervix. The A-spot is smooth in texture and starts just after the ribbed/textured G-spot area finishes. Have a feel around and see if you can notice where the texture changes from ribbed to smooth and then play with that area!

The A-spot has potential to produce lots of lubrication fairly quickly in the yoni...share below if you managed to juice up with it!

Photo of vulva with location of clitoris & clitr=oris legs drawn on top of the photo

The Clitoris

Location of the full clitoris structure shown where it sits in the vulva.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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The Cervix

A close up view of the cervix during a self-examination.

Image credit:

A close up view of the cervis during a self-examination

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