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Loving, Present Touch Series

Let's face it, the education most of us got around creating intimacy, connection and how to delight someone with our touch, hardly equipped us to be award-winning partners, dates and lovers. That was all sort of left for us to figure out for ourselves...fumbling, guessing and hoping we got it right!

And many of us also feel guilty asking for what we want - possibly with a fear that we might be labelled as selfish or demanding. We may have learned to just put up with what we get, believing that we should be grateful for what we have.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if we could ask - confidently and easefully - about what our partner desired and what feels good for them? What if we had permission to ask for what we truly wanted and learned how to articulate that? What if we learned how to be so present and connected to our body that the touch we delivered could delight our partner? What if we understood how to ask about boundaries and express our own?

Discover six key skills for how to give nourishing, loving, trust-building, relaxing and delicious touch and to delight another with your new levels of presence and receptivity to their needs.

These sessions are informative, interactive, fun and explorative! Sessions are fully-clothed and plutonic in nature.

Recognising how necessary these skills are, I've created Loving Present Touch - a series of short sessions, in which I share with you six key principles of how to deliver nourishing, loving, trust-building, relaxing and delicious touch to delight another. 

Sessions are 60-90 minutes, so they fit nicely after work, or into a long lunch break. Most people will need 3-5 sessions to become proficient in all six principles. Click the booking button below if you are ready to gain the skills to change your reality.

What my LPT clients say...

"I loved the fun way to express my wishes in how to touch and be touched"

"Once you take one of Natalie’s Loving Present Touch classes, your mind will be forever opened to the concept and practise of receiving and giving pleasure. This is truly the sex education that we should have received in school. Natalie’s warmth, love and knowledge in this arena is truly inspirational. Take the dive and jump in."

Learn to:-

  • Give and receive delicious, satisfying touch
  • Re-awaken pleasure in your body
  • Truly be able to receive
  • Be fully present
  • Create deep intimacy
  • Articulate your desires
  • Give touch with love and ease
  • Honour and express your boundaries
  • Stay in consent of your partner's boundaries
  • Be aware of your energies and intentions

Over a series of sessions, we look at these 6 key topics to support you developing skillful, present and consensual touch:-

Serving Versus Taking
How Can You Give If You Can't Receive?
Creating Intimacy

Expressing & Respecting Boundaries

Articulating Your Desires
Touch Techniques

I will also teach you...
  • The difference between direct and indirect routes of pleasure
  • Types of touch to vary and broaden your repertoire
  • The Wheel of Consent by Dr Betty Martin and how to stay within it

I draw from a variety of tools and disciplines to support you to develop your skills of touch, loving presence, intimacy, consent and boundaries, and how to receive as well as give. I will create a safe space in which you can feel emotionally and energetically held, safe and able to relax and learn. All emotions and feelings are welcome throughout the session. All sessions and discussions relating to our sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.

Session Information

Loving Present Touch sessions last 60-90 minutes per session and most people require 3-5 sessions to complete the full syllabus.

Sessions take place in London, SW8 3JX.

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