Honesty Is Soo Refreshing!

30 October 2018

I love how refreshing honesty feels!

There are a couple of people I'm attracted to and desiring to get to know better and, this week, I've just been straight-forward honest and told them.

Rather than beating around the bush and pretending I don't feel anything, I said to them: I'd love to spend time with you and get to know you better. Would you like to make a date do that?

Both of them said yes 😊

It feel so good to not hide! To not play games and not sit around waiting, "hoping" for them to approach me.

There's a fine line between chasing people who don't see your value and knowing your value, owning it and having the confidence to ask for what you want.

If you'd like to grow your confidence in these areas, send me message - I have a few appointments still available 💖

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