Learn How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Facilitated by Natalie Ford

* Build Confidence

* Learn Self-Compassion

* Change Negative Self-Talk

* Trust Yourself

* Stop Looking To Others For Approval

* Discover How Awesome You Are!

What our customers are saying

"They said the only way to get over a broken heart is to fall in love again. So I fell in love with myself...best relationship of my life."  ~ Unknown

This powerful, deep and transformative workshop is for you if:

  • You struggle to see how amazing you are
  • Your inner critical voice is strong or unkind
  • You want to love yourself more
  • You want to be a role model of self-love for those around you
  • You want to start choosing healthier relationships
  • You want to call in partners who value you more highly
  • You want to stop "chasing" people
  • You feel unseen and wish people would notice you more
  • You look to others for guidance and not trust yourself (give away your power)
  • You want to stop putting others first

What does "self love" mean to you? ...If you loved yourself deeply and fully, what would be different in your life?

Are there parts of yourself you struggle to accept? Do you long to be kinder to yourself and have a better relationship with yourself? Do you want to turn that inner critical voice into one of support and celebration?

Do you want to be a better role model for your kids? Do you want to model self-love so they learn to grow up with positive body image, positive self-messages,and a healthy mind?

Open to all genders, ages and backgrounds ♥

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What We'll Do

  • Explore deeper connections with ourselves through mindful exercises, greater connection to the universe and by bringing awareness to areas we can treat ourselves better
  • Look at our journey so far, the obstacles we have overcome and where we may need to forgive ourselves
  • Through some gentle vulnerability exercises, open up to the other participants and find sameness and similarities or differences in our experiences

  • Work with mirrors to learn to appreciate our soul and see our value
  • Look briefly at limiting beliefs and see where these may have come from
  • Reflect where we struggle to say no in our day-to-day lives and have an opportunity to change this
  • Look at our relationship to receiving compliments and how we talk to ourselves.

Previous Participants' Feedback:

"Friendly, welcoming & deep workshop. It changes you. It brings you close to yourself"

"Natalie is very warm and open, made me feel comfortable to share"

"I love the fact this pushed me out my comfort zone, which helped with my growth. Learning that decisions I've made were for the best and that I've come a long way. Not feeling judged"

"Really helpful. Easy to engage with"

"I'm taking away self compassion for the challenges in my early life and that it's ok to feel pain"

"My take-away is that it's ok to just be me"

What our customers are saying

"Self love is the most amazing outfit a person can wear" ~Jennifer Funk

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

How would it be to truly value yourself? Be kinder to yourself? Give yourself more time and less criticism?

When we can really love ourselves, we are kind to ourselves, we don't allow the critical voice to take over. We can see and acknowledge our qualities and we feel compassion and acceptance towards the parts of us that sometimes feel difficult to own. We make time for ourselves, we don't constantly put others first. We own how magical and amazing we are and we don't need to shout it to the world to prove anything ...it is so fully integrated into who we are, we feel it on every level.

* You are allowed to put yourself first

* You are allowed to think you are amazing

* You are allowed to take time just for you

* You are allowed to say no to things that don't feel good for you

* You are allowed to ask for what you need

* You are allowed to have your needs met

* You are allowed to rest and relax

* You are allowed to have fun!

When we start to truly love ourselves, things starts to shift. Life falls into place when you fall deeply, madly, passionately in love with you.

It changes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Gift yourself a day dedicated to YOU, where you'll come out feeling refreshed, connected to yourself and with a renewed zest for life! ♥

Become your own "love of your life"!


About The Facilitator

Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment Facilitator and founder of Empowered Healing. I offer workshops and one-to-one guidance to connect you to your inner wisdom and innate power, using an integrated blend of tools to align body, mind and soul. I promote deeper connection to our bodies, increased self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief and am known for creating safe, supportive and shame-free spaces for your to explore living more fully.

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