Emotional & Energetic Release Sessions

~ For All Genders ~

Release the mental, emotional and energetic blocks stopping you living your most amazing life!

Sessions are highly tailored to your specific needs and are intended to help connect you to your body and soul, discover your inner truth, more courage, more self-belief and a renewed passion, creating within you a sustainable shift to empowerment, aliveness and feeling enriched by life!

Sessions are based upon greater connection with your body, emotional expression and release, shamanic dialoguing and use of your breath, sound and movement. They may also include energy work, pressure point release, touch, massage, tantra methods and/or sexual healing. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All sessions are bespoke and are intuitively guided to meet your unique circumstances.

Appointment times includes a check-in at the start to see what feels current for you. We will discuss your desires and intentions for the session, any fears or concerns you have and what feels OK or not OK for us to include in the session that day.

I will create a safe space in which you can feel emotionally and energetically held, safe and able to relax. All emotions and feelings are welcome throughout the session. All sessions and discussions relating to our sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.

What my Emotional & Energetic Release clients say...

"My sessions have been incredibly deep and meaningful. I've ventured into parts of myself I have turned away from, and I know this is just the beginning"

"I loved how Natalie was able to move so much energy in me. Natalie helped me navigate some very difficult times and each session I felt better and better, more in tune with myself. I am very thankful to have found Natalie and the positive impact her sessions have had in my life."

"I feel stronger and more connected to myself, to this planet and to my higher purpose."

Session Information

Emotional & Energetic Release sessions last 2 - 2.5 hours. I also allow upto 30 minutes after the session for you to rest and gently integrate your experience, without needing to rush into the outside world. Please allow 3 hours for your total experience.

Sessions take place in London, SW8 3JX.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time is charged in full; cancelled within 48 hrs incurs a £150 fee

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