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Elements of Tantra

Six One-day Tantra Workshops Through 2019

Facilitated by Natalie Ford & Sanjay Joshi (as featured in Time Out's recent Sex Ed Teachers article)

Discover Elements of Tantra through this series of one-day introductory workshops. We look at the vast, mysterious and fascinating Elements of Tantra and applying them to modern life. These workshops will run approximately every 6 weeks throughout 2019 and we will cover a different topic in each workshop. Join us for a single workshop or book the whole series!

Feedback from our first Elements of Tantra workshop

"Do it! It's a beautiful workshop. The material is presented in a very clear way with powerful, practical exercises. The learnings are life-changing and realisations are profund. The facilitators held the space very skillfully, creating a safe container. I got so much from it. Thank you!"

"Brilliant workshop. Everyone should try it!"

"I loved every part of the workshop. I can takeaway something from each exercise"

Workshops participants consistently rate us 9/10 to 10/10 average feedback score.

Topics Through The Series

☆ What is Tantra?

☆ Connection

☆ Energy

☆ Conscious Relating

☆ Movement

☆ Emotional Responsibility

☆ Expansion Of Your Senses

☆ Feeling Your Emotions

☆ Boundaries and Consent

☆ Desire and Fear

☆ Tantric Sexuality

☆ Where Tantra Meets Kink

More Testimonials

"Lovely environment to explore different levels of connection and a safe place to speak out desires"

"Excellent facilitators. Took time in explaining all of the exercises. I felt more aware and connected to myself through the day. Lots of different things about me came together and made sense by the end of the day. Putting all the pieces of my puzzle in place and finding out more about me"

"I loved the power of eye connection to change one's feelings, inspire and enlighten"

"My partner and I haven't been so close [as that before] and that felt amazing".

"I'm taking away more awareness of feelings in my body"

"My biggest takeaway is checking in with the 4 power centres when making decisions and awareness of sensations of yes/no in the body"

"I enjoyed the blindfolded music exercise and making connections with people"

"Safe environment where everyone could share"

"Well thought exercises, I've been gently guided in a deeper connection within myself and with others. Well explained concept also for those who weren't familiar with tantra and mindfulness"

"I love that the workshop covered quite a few aspects of tantra and was understandable for someone with no experience of tantra"

So often one of the feedbacks we receive at our workshops is "I learned I am not alone". It explodes our hearts WIDE OPEN every time we hear this ♥

3 Levels of Connection, Sunday 5th May

Imagine a journey into deeper self acceptance and embracing your light and dark aspects as equal parts...

Imagine deeper layers of connection with yourself and others...

Imagine feeling so completely connected that you never felt alone ♥

You are invited to journey into 3 Levels of Connection....a space of emotional intimacy, expansion, divine connection, embodied experience and where all of who you are is welcome.


☆ meditation

☆ movement

☆ tantric breathing

☆ trust-building

☆ embodying our inner masculine and inner feminine

☆ learning how to recognise a clear 'yes' and a clear 'no' in our body

☆ stating and honouring boundaries

☆ tuning into our chakras and energy body

☆ optional blindfolded experiences

☆ and some verbal discussion to appease the mind

We will explore 3 Levels of Connection inside of each and every one of us in this one-day tantric workshop. All exercises will be clothed, your boundaries will be honoured at all times and intimacy will be emotional rather than particularly physical. This is great workshop for both beginner and more experienced tantric explorers - there are always deeper levels we can go to.

☆ Improve your relationships by exploring connection on a deep level

☆ Understand how to act in social situations when your intellect and our body are giving mixed messages

☆ Learn when you feel a 'yes' to something and when you feel a 'no'

☆ Align different aspects of ourselves and be in connection with others

☆ Learn how to communicate your 'yes'es and 'no's in a way that leads to more connection, not less

☆ Connect to heaven, universal energy, mother nature and discover the benefits of doing so


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5 May


Elements of Tantra

3 Levels of Connection

Finsbury, London


30 June


Elements of Tantra

Living Consciously

Finsbury, London


20 Jul


Elements of Tantra

Conscious Relationships

Finsbury, London

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31 Aug


Elements of Tantra

Energy & Emotions

Finsbury, London

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2 Nov


Elements of Tantra

Delight Your Senses

Clapham, London

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7 Dec


Elements of Tantra
Tantric Sexuality

Finsbury, London

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About The Facilitators

Sanjay Joshi is a coach who guides singles and couples in having more intimacy, love and pleasure in their lives. He is a catalyst in people bringing out their brilliance and living a fulfilled life, pursuing activities they love. Sanjay is also a Certified Tantra Educator and specialises in enabling women to feel radiant, fulfilled and powerful. His clients experience exquisite pleasure, have more intimacy and gain a deeper appreciation for their bodies.

Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment Facilitator and founder of Empowered Healing. I offer workshops and one-to-one guidance to connect you to your inner wisdom and innate power, using an integrated blend of tools to align body, mind and soul. I promote deeper connection to our bodies, increased self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief and am known for creating safe, supportive and shame-free spaces for your to explore living more fully.

Photos from some of my workshops

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