Client Testimonials

Here is some of my favourite feedback from my private session clients:

"After the Tantric Yoni Massage, I felt connected and alive and PROUD. Proud to be a woman, to have my yoni and breasts, to have this shape of body. How magical and beautiful it is to be a woman. And all of us are so unique in their own way. I felt excited to go out there and shine through my femininity and be simply myself because I am perfect as I am." - October 2019

"In the past I would compare myself to other women, I would feel envy or anger because their breast would have a nice size or shape, there would be sadness within me and zero appreciation of my body and during the massage it was all coming to the surface and I was welcoming it and seeing all from a different perspective. And I realised how wrong it is, how not true. I saw my breast and could feel them and touch them. I was feeling myself as a woman and although Id known it (we all know it) it was that moment when I truly realised that femininity is not defined by breast, there is so much more and I could feel it coming from deep within. It was magical. I realised we are all connected and unique in our own way and I am not an exception. I was holding my breast and welcoming my femininity radiating from all my body and it felt like to recognise this part of me for the first time ever. THANK YOU!!" - Tantric Yoni Massage client, October 2019

"Natalie approaches you with such a caring and warm energy and you feel very comfortable and safe to open up and share all your fears, doubts, worries - simply all of you. She slowly guides you through the process and it is actually very easy to let go and release, to surrender to whatever comes up as you know she will take care of you in such a nurturing way. She has a magical power to feel you and hear you without you saying a word. She is a real gift and I am very honoured to work with her and see this amazing shift within me. Thank you! " - Michaela, Tantric Yoni Massage, October 2019

"I loved that I could be 100% myself - no judgement. After the session, I felt empowered, excited & a lust for life"Tantric Yoni Massage client, October, 2019

"I loved that we used many different body based practices to release emotions, like the shaking and the shamanic conversation. I loved the spaciousness of having that time and not feeling rushed. I felt totally held by Natalie and trusted in her" - Life Empowerment Session client, August 2019

"After the session, I felt centred and grounded" - Life Empowerment Session client, August 2019

"I took away a feeling of freedom, surrender and lightness" - August 2019

"I loved the fun way to express my wishes in how to touch and be touched" - Bedroom Empowerment client, August 2019

"Once you take one of Natalie’s Loving Present Touch classes, your mind will be forever opened to the concept and practise of receiving and giving pleasure. This is truly the sex education that we should have received in school. Natalie’s warmth, love and knowledge in this arena is truly inspirational. Take the dive and jump in." - Loving Present Touch client, August 2019

"A Tantric Yoni Massage - I'm so glad I booked the whole package! What a profound journey! As I didn't have any experience before, I felt nervous, even worried what I could get from the session. What helped me to overcome my fear was a very clear communication about the whole process and our intentions and boundaries. A body relaxation meditation and warm up exercises got me into a right state of mind and I felt very safe for the rest of the session. Natalie was amazing, fully present and focused on my healing. She was gently guiding me through whatever emotions came up for me, helping me to experience and release them fully. I left the session feeling connected, awaken and loved. Since then been treating my body and yoni like never before! Thank you Natalie!!" - Michaela, July 2019

"I loved how Natalie was able to move so much energy in me. Natalie helped me navigate some very difficult times and each session I felt better and better, more in tune with myself. I am very thankful to have found Natalie and the positive impact her sessions have had in my life." - Life Empowerment Session client, December 2018

"My sessions so far have been incredibly deep and meaningful. I've ventured into parts of myself I have turned away from, and I know this is just the beginning so I'm really looking forward to exploring these more openly and authentically to see what else comes to the surface. Each time I have left Natalie, I feel stronger and more connected to myself, to this planet and to my higher purpose. Intense emotions and physical sensations came to the surface but, once they had been fully felt and cleared, I felt so much lighter and a sense of calm contentedness takes the place of tension and worry. I feel completely safe with Natalie and can see she is fully dedicated to being wholly present with me in the space; guiding just the right amount and allowing enough space for you to say and do what needs to be. Thank you" - Life Empowerment Session client, October 2018

"The sessions with Natalie are hugely beneficial and empowering! She creates safe loving space for deep emotional release and new insights. Highly recommended!" - Life Empowerment Session client, September 2018

"I approached Natalie after suffering years of PE and ED and was scared of genital touch and getting too sexually involved [with others]. After just 3 sessions, I feel so comfortable receiving genital touch from a female and I'm ready to become more sexually involved again.  In the last session, I thought i was going to cum early but thanks to Natalies encouragement and me utilising the breathing techniques Natalie taught me and transferring of energy, I lasted over 40 minutes and when I came, for the first time in years, the ejaculation felt amazing." - Bedroom Empowerment client, March 2019

"I love the sessions with Natalie - each one is unique and powerful! I discover something new about myself, my emotions, my body and release what is not longer needed making space for new energies to come. Natalie is brilliant, very loving and supportive! Highly recommended!" - Life Empowerment Session client, August 2018

"It felt very safe and powerful to ask for what I wanted/needed" - Bedroom Empowerment client, August 2018

"It was a really powerful session. I did not know what to expect first, and the beginning was a little bit difficult for me because i could not connect, but finally you found the way to support me for releasing my blocked emotions and i really felt better and lighter after the session. Truly thank you and i'm very happy to recommend" - Life Empowerment Session client, August 2018

"Thank you, Natalie, from the bottom of my heart for such an incredibly nurturing and profound healing. I am walking on clouds. With love x" - Rose, Tantric Yoni Massage, July 2018

"Natalie provided a safe and loving space for me to relax into the yoni massage. She communicated what to expect clearly and guided me through beautifully. Thank you Natalie for our magical session. x" - Tantric Yoni Massage client, July 2018

"The healing sessions with Natalie are very powerful and deep. I highly recommend her - she creates her customized sessions with so much love, care, and compassion! Feeling deep gratitude for having discovered her!" - T, Life Empowerment Session client, July 2018

"Natalie holds a deeply respectful space and joins a number of approaches with skill and gentleness. We have begun a journey together and I look forward to my next session when we can pursue some of the issues that emerged last time. Thank you" - Life Empowerment Session client, July 2018

"Working with Natalie was like entering a warm non-judgemental space where all of you is welcome. You can relax and allow yourself to held." - Robert, coach, July 2018

"The sessions with Natalie are very powerful and unique, taking into considerations our particular needs and circumstances. I’m impressed how professional those sessions are and how much love and care she puts into what she is doing. I felt completely safe, accepted, understood and held emotionally. This work is indeed healing and empowering, I highly recommend it!" - Teo, July 2018

"Mind body and soul blissed out. I was able to release everything I needed and had strength to overcome my fears." - July 2018

"Natalie's work is very powerful, intense and transformative. She handled the session from a very respectful and loving place, allowing me the space to manifest all emotions that surfaced during the healing. I'm coming back for sure. Thank you Natalie." - June 2018

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