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Bedroom Empowerment Sessions


Bedroom Empowerment sessions are for highly motivated men seeking an improved relationship to their genitals and sexual energy.

Sessions are highly tailored to your specific needs and are intended to help connect you to your body, genitals and sexual energy in a loving and supportive way. 

Reasons for booking may include a desire to prolong the time before you ejaculate, strengthen your erections, learn to raise or spread your sexual energy through your body, separating orgasm and ejaculation (ejaculatory choice) and/or creating more positive experiences around your relationship to your genitals.

Sessions are based upon movement, breath and sound and may also include emotional expression and release, shamanic dialogue, energy work, greater connection with your body, pressure point release, meditation, massage, tantra methods and/or genital touch. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All sessions are bespoke and are intuitively guided to meet your unique circumstances.

Appointment times includes a check-in at the start to see what feels current for you. We will discuss your desires and intentions for the session, any fears or concerns you have and what feels ok or not ok for us to include in the session that day.

I will create a safe space in which you can feel emotionally and energetically held, safe and able to relax. All emotions and feelings are welcome throughout the session. All sessions and discussions relating to our sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.

What my Bedroom Empowerment clients say...

"I approached Natalie after suffering years of PE and ED and was scared of genital touch and getting too sexually involved.

After just 3 sessions, I feel so comfortable receiving genital touch from a female and I'm ready to become more sexually involved again.

In the last session, I thought I was going to cum early but thanks to Natalies encouragement and me utilising the breathing techniques Natalie taught me and transferring of energy, I lasted over 40 minutes and when I came, for the first time in years, the ejaculation felt amazing."

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