Arousal & Pleasure Anatomy

Labelled drawing of vulva & vaginal opening from underneath view

Image credit & copyright: le Wand Pleasure Guide

So, you might already know this, but here are the basics of the female genitalia:

  • Mons (fleshy part on the pubic bone)
  • Two sets of labia (lips) - inner and outer
  • Clitoris (which is a whole big structure by itself - see next diagram)
  • Pee hole (urethral meatus)
  • Vagina / vaginal canal
  • Perineum
  • Anus (butt hole)
Diagram showing the clitoris head, hood, legs, bulbs, urethra and vaginal opening.

The Clitoris - Image credit: The Mac Weekly, illustration courtesy of Penny Kahn (2017)

Did you know a clitoris is like an iceberg?  Most of it is hidden. It's actually as big as the palm of your hand!

The clitoris is made up of:

  • the head (glans) - the bit you can easily see
  • the hood (the bit that cover the glans)
  • the shaft (corpus cavernosum)
  • two bulbs (vestibular bulbs)
  • and two legs (crura)

AND...All of it can generate pleasure! The clitoris' sole purpose is to give us pleasure! Thank you very much! 😀😀

Diagram showing all parts of the clitoris & how that fits with the bladder, urethra & vagina. Full reproductive anatomy also included.

Image credit: Not 100% certain - believe it's from 'A New View of a Woman's Body' by Suzann Gage. Material first learned through workshops with the fantastic Elaine Yonge.

Arousal & Engorging

This diagram shows the internal arousal anatomy. Essentially, that's the clitoris, with its huge bulbs & legs, the urethral sponge, the vagina and the perineal sponge.

When aroused, all of these areas swell up  and engorge with blood and other arousal fluids.

You can see the how the large vestibular bulbs of the clitoris surround the urethral sponge and vaginal entrance, so that when they swell, they cushion the vagina and close up the urethra making it almost impossible to pee when you;re fully aroused! The perineal sponge also swells up with arousal and can be pleasurable to massage.

Read more about how the yoni engorges with arousal on the All About The Clit page.

The G-Spot

Did you know the g-spot isn't actually a 'spot', it's an entire region?

It's the tissue between the vaginal canal & the urethra (urine canal) called the urethral sponge. It's actually connected to both the vagina wall & the urethra (it surrounds the urethra), which is why you often feel like you need to pee when it's being stimulated.

The urethral sponge is erectile tissue, just like the tissue in the clitoris & penis (see my All About The Clit page), so its swells up & engorges with arousal and fills up with prostatic fluid.

How Do I Find the G-spot?

It starts at or near the vaginal entrance (the G-crest) & extends approx 5-8cm (2-3") into the vagina. It's the ribbed/textured part of the vagina wall on the same side as the bladder & pubic bone.

The g-spot may be numb or painful due to a build up of 'armour' (trapped energy that the body hardens around) & gentle de-armouring over a series of sessions can help soften that & restore feeling.

Diagram showing self-examination of the g-spot (urethral sponge)

Image credit: Not 100% certain - believe it's from 'A New View of a Woman's Body' by Suzann Gage. Material first learned through workshops with the fantastic Elaine Yonge.

Drawing showing the female prostrate (Skene's glands) & flow of female ejaculation

Image credit & copyright: le Wand Pleasure Guide

Female Prostate & Ejaculation

Here's another look at the clitoris (the large pink structure), also showing the g-spot, which is made from the urethral sponge - the tissue joining the vagina and urethra.

The urethral sponge contains the skene's glands, also known as the 'female prostate'. During arousal, the urethral sponge fills with prostatic fluid and, during a female ejaculation, this fluid is released through the Skene's gland orifices, shown on the diagram.

It is my understanding that stimulation of the g-spot can bring on female ejaculation in some women and many women also do not experience this (myself included). Armour of the g-spot and vaginal canal would be an obvious block to experiencing ejaculation and there may be many other factors.

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