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Everything you need to know to have a loving relationship with your yoni!

What Is A Yoni?

The word Yoni (pronounced 'yo-nee') is the Sanskrit word for vagina and vulva. Literally translated it means "Sacred Temple" or "Sacred Space". This word convey reverence and honouring of this sacred, life-birthing, pleasure-giving, magical part of the body! 

Is My Yoni Normal?

This is a common question many of us have. We worry about how our yoni looks...

Are my labia too big? Too small? Does it matter that they aren't even?

Is my yoni the right colour? Right size?

Is my clit too big / small?

Have a look at a whole host of images of yonis to discover the vast range available! You will soon see, there is no 'normal' - we are all unique and different!

Show Me!

Arousal &


How does my yoni work? Which parts are pleasurable and which parts can create orgasm?

Learn more about this fascinating, expansive, sacred and sometimes difficult to understand part of our body!

Arousal & Pleasure Zones

Pleasure Questions & Answers

Education & Anatomy

Learn what is what in your yoni.

Understand the difference between vulva and vagina.

Learn where your g-spot, a-spot and cervix are.

Discover the similarities between a clitoris and a penis!

Get familiar with your (or your partner's) genitalia so it feels less scary to explore in person.

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